Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sivler Liningness Sunday

I expected to be at my dad's today, after not making it there on Friday after not making it there on Wednesday.  Here I sit.

Mom was cremated, and we didn't have a public service.  I was going to get her ashes on Wednesday but the state was covered in ice and my dad didn't have the ashes yet anyway.  Plan B was Friday, but once again our state was covered in ice and Dad didn't have the ashes.  Today was plan C.  No ice, but no ashes either.  Plan D - tomorrow.   Snow is forecast.  Of course.

But all in all, it was another good, productive week.  Thanks to the icy times, my house has been fully de-holidayed and meticulously cleaned.  Being shut in does weird things to a person.

This activity also included tidying up after having all of the kids and their various electronics at home.  Somehow, a lone computer tower has bubbled up, like a lone sock from the laundry.  Whose is it?  Where did it come from?? And more importantly... where am I supposed to put it?!

We had a PEO meeting yesterday, and I want to share something that I hope readers won't mind.  A member of our chapter died totally unexpectedly at the end of December.  The timing so close to my mom's passing is why I say I hope no one minds, because I don't want this to come off as a "blog of death"!

Thing is, Bev's passing was in total contrast to my mom's.  Bev was young, energetic, active, "full of life".  She was a school teacher and very inspiring to me in my own teaching endeavors.  She'd had a lower back injury a while back and successfully treated it with a chiropractor.

So when her lower back started bothering her in early November, she attributed it to the earlier injury needing some straightening out again.  Back to the chiropractor.  Except this time, it wasn't getting any better.

She visited her GP to see what other options she had, and ended up being diagnosed with - BAM - late stage colorectal cancer.  She died just about a month after the diagnosis.

My PEO chapter, along with Bev's other friends and family members, are still in a bit of a state of shock.  But yesterday's meeting was nice in that it was a means for us to gather and process this together and support each other.  As sad as it is, it's brought us even closer.  PEO is, by definition, an extremely supportive organization, and something like this really brings that quality out.

I mention it because I was looking back at last year's posts to see if I'd made any New Year's resolutions that had typically gone forgotten.  Lo and behold, I found that I had resolved to "hook up" with a local PEO chapter after several years of inactivity on my part.  Whaddya know?  I did it!

As for this year, I haven't really made any specific resolutions yet.  Just going with it.

Thanks for coming along!  Take care of  yourselves!



LL Cool Joe said...

Yes I'm aware my blog has been very depressing recently too, sometimes life takes a slightly depressing turn, and although I like nothing more than raving on about my latest hoodie and cap, reality bites me in the arse and somehow it seems only right to document that my life isn't completely materialistic and trivial.

I'm so sorry you've been going through such a tough time too.

agg79 said...

Right now I think that a lot of us seem to be in a depressed state. Two deaths has so close together would be a shock, even if they were expected. We had a coworker last year who had the same issues as Bev - went to the doctor with a backache only to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He was more worried about his two daughters than himself and continued to work several months through the treatments. The company rallied around him and collected money to help the family. We even managed to arrange for a trip to Disneyland for his family. He finally sucummed in October after a long battle. Most of the company turned out for the funeral.

I am very sorry you are dealing with such turmoil and heartache at this time. Life is cruel and hard at times but things will turn out brighter and I hope you can weather the storm.

terri said...

Of course we don't mind you sharing about Bev. Most of us who blog in the same circles do so because we find similarities in each other and we enjoy following one another's lives. Death is so much a part of our lives, as is clearly evident in my last month's worth of blogging.

I'm so sorry that you're going through so much heartache all at once. Just know that so many of us get it.

As for resolutions, you're a pretty motivated and driven person. I think you'll do just fine without 'em.

ShadowRun300 said...

Sheesh! I certainly hope you're able to get down to your dad's at some point! We're starting to get your crazy weather, btw. Ice is the worst!
And I'm so sorry to hear about Bev. It's difficult to wrap your head around someone so young being taken so quickly. It's nice to have your PEO family around for comfort. And good for you for meeting your last year's resolutions! I'm guessing this year will be just as productive for you.

Abby said...

Right, Joey. I suppose without the downs, we wouldn't have the ups.

Abby said...

Sorry about your coworker - who doesn't get a backache now and then?? At least Bev didn't have any little children.

Abby said...

Thanks Terri, and I'm glad you shared what you were going through with Bob.

Abby said...

Thanks, yeah we're all still reeling about Bev. And I'm no fan of ice. I'll get there eventually. At least I can talk to my dad quite regularly via his smartphone!

Riot Kitty said...

Geez, I'm so sorry. And it's your blog, write about whatever you like.

That's hard to have two hit back to back like that.

Anita said...

When I have no words, I read everyone else's. So thank you all for expressing your feelings to Abby as I sit here a bit stunned.