Thursday, December 4, 2014

under a buck

Okay, show of hands.  Who carries a hankie?  Anyone?

*raises hand*

I do, so there's a piece of worthless information for you.  Now I'm kind of wondering how common it is. The reason I bring it up is that it's really annoying when I can't find it.  Like a little while ago and up until now.

The hankie is typically on my person at all times.  It's like my phone.  In fact, I usually carry the phone and hankie around together.  They're kind of joined at the hip, like phoneandhankie, much like hamandcheese.  "I'd like a grilled hamandcheese, please.", "Where is my phoneandhankie?"

Do many people carry hankies?  I guess it's not something that comes up in conversation.  I've seen the old movies where the weak woman starts to cry and the strong man hands her a hankie.  When renting tuxedos for prom, the hankie is color-coordinated with the bow tie and/or vest, but strictly strictly as decoration.

As for my phoneandhankie, I have a special pocket in my purse for them.   I have a special pocket in my bicycling backpack for them.  I have a special pocket in my tutor bag for them.  Sometimes I misplace them, but when I locate one, I locate the other.  Feel a need to blow my nose?  Reach for the phone...

Anyways, I got home a while ago, and eventually, I had a hankering for the hankie.  I just don't like kleenex... or rather... facial tissues.

So there I was, retracing my steps, wondering where the darn hankie was.  To make the situation worse, I found my phone easily enough, but no hankie.  Now this was definitely a strange prospect.  I was beginning to think, poltergeist activity!  It must be!

So I thought about where I could have misplaced it, especially since it wasn't with the phone or any of the usual pockets.  Then I remembered, on my ride home, I came across this hungry mob:

I couldn't resist stopping to take a photo.  Without taking my eyes off of the mob, I reached behind me to my phoneandhankie pocket of my bicycling backpack, took the photo, put the phone back, then continued on my merry way.  Is my hankie on the side of that road?

Oh deer.


terri said...

Nope. No hankies here. I think I have one stashed away somewhere, one that I've had since way back in my childhood. I don't remember why I have it, only that it's colorful and I've never blown my nose in it.

Can't really think of anyone I know who uses them either. But you? You're keeping an age-old tradition from fading away! I hope you have a bunch more of them so it was worth getting the photo of the deer!

Abby said...

Hankies do seem to be an old fashioned practice. But most campers I know use them too - hopefully not for multi-purpose!

Anonymous said...

Hubby's dad used to always carry a hankie, and many times we were thankful he did. The tradition has not carried on, however, but we did stake claim to a few of his after he passed away.
It's crazy how close the deer are to people's homes. Is it as residential as it looks?

LL Cool Joe said...

No, I never use a hankie just the cuff of my hoodie or my wristband if I'm wearing a t-shirt. Ha. Actually, my nose never runs just me eyes.

We have deer in our garden but they aren't as friendly as yours. Now I'm jealous of your over friendly deer. Why do they hate me?

Rock Chef said...

They probably ate the hankie!
Great photo, though! Well worth the loss, IMO!

Guano said...

*not raising hand*
Only hankies I ever had were issued to me at boot camp. Had to display them in my underwear drawer just so, perfectly folded & ironed into 4in squares. Once you get them perfect, you don't actually USE them.

At least that's what I herd.

Abby said...

I remember making a hankie for my dad when I was in second grade - okay, I just painted his initials on it. I don't know if he ever actually used it.

In that particular neighborhood, the lots are about a half-acre to an acre, so the houses are a bit more spread out than a typical tract. But it is rare to see that many deer there together!

Abby said...

Maybe they don't actually hate you. Maybe ours are just overly friendly because of the occasional crops of ganja they inadvertently munch.

Abby said...

Yes, I hardly miss the hankie! I hope the deer made good use of it.

Abby said...

"...what I herd"

For the record, my hankies are not perfectly folded & ironed 4in squares. And nobody inspects them. That would be weird.

agg79 said...

I'm not exactly a "hankie" kind of guy. Big red bandanna, yes. Just not a hankie. Whenever I travel or go hiking or workin the yard, I've usually got the bandanna handy. Good combination sweat/snot rag that can be used to clean hands, wipe up some spill, or tie a tourniquet. Good thing to have for the zombie apocalypse.

My dad was a hankies man. Always had one handy. That little tradition never got passes along.

Anonymous said...

I have looked for hankies but can only find the men's handkerchiefs which are huge. Where does a lady but a nice hankie?

Riot Kitty said...

I just can't stand the thought of anything unclean in my pocket, so no. It would be my equivalent of carrying around a used condom.

Anita said...

I have some frilly hankies that an older in law gave me before she passed. (new hankies) In my drawer they've been ever since. The husbands wears a suit and always has one in a pocket. I think it's more for wiping forehead sweat than for catching nose flow. I imagine that suit gets hot sometimes.

I rarely seem to need one. I grab a napkin or paper towel on my nowadays rare run. Because you are such an outdoors person, I can imagine that you need it?

How big is your stash?