Thursday, December 5, 2013

only miss the sun when it starts to snow


School was cancelled today.  Even for me.  My first snowday as a college kid return.  It's really the combination of snow and c-c-c-c-cold that got the Powers That Be to cancel today's round of learning.

I post the above thread from Meego's fbook to illustrate the coldness.  Even HE broke down and put on long pants.  I almost didn't recognize him.  We actually had to go out as the storm was moving in on Tuesday night to buy him some long pants since his current stash didn't look to include any that fit.  

So I've made use of the day stuck at home to scrub.  My floors are shiny shiny, and I evicted a rather large colony of dust bunnies.  

And now, since its Thursday, I thought I'd do some Mama Kat action with one of her prompts for the week:

5.) Something your child did or said this week that made you smile.

For Meego, I present the above.  More specifically, the 
  • "I lost".  *like* 

But, so as to not play favorites, I must include our other "children".

For Wolfgang, he's always been one to express his gratitude, very generous with the Thank Yous.  And he often relates things to me about how much he's enjoying college life.  He'd told me about a few kids from his high school class who like the local university, but didn't want to go there because they felt a need to get farther away since their parents would hover too much.  
  • "I'm glad you don't make me feel like that!"  *whew* (Tank Girl, not Helicopter Mom, remember?)

And here are a few of Chaco's contributions from a conversation we had regarding a couple of his roommates:
  • "I don't know why they're enrolled in college but don't care about their classes and grades" *inward beam*
  • "Well, I like to play video games too, but not All.  The.  Time."  *inner sigh of relief*
  • "Now I know why you got upset when we didn't clean up after ourselves!"  *Good God Hallelujah!*

And what the heck, here's my "daughter", China this morning:

"Jimminy Crickets, it's cold!"

I think that's dog expletive.  



terri said...

Awww, I was rooting for Meego to make it all winter long in shorts, although it made me feel cold just to think about his poor bare legs in the winter temps. This winter just seems like its going to be too extreme for such a challenge.

Your college boys are obviously on the right path. You know you done good when they don't mind hanging around you. And Chaco's attitude sounds so much like Kacey's. We got us some good kids, don't we? (I'm not sure what happened to my grammar skillz in this paragraph.)

China looks like she's making good use of her lovely fur coat! If the weather keeps up, at least you won't have to worry about her shedding so much!

Abby said...

I thought Meego was going to make it all the way too, but that was before the Siberian invasion.

And yup, thems some good kids we got!

Anonymous said...

I laughed at Meego's "I lost" too! And what a great compliment from Wolfgang! And I dream of hearing Chaco's words come out of Chip's mouth. Maybe someday...
Hooray for a snow day and squeaky clean floors! It's quite possible my kids will have a snow day tomorrow, but unfortunately the hotel never closes for ANYthing. So I'll be trying to control my wild Mustang on some slippery roads.

Abby said...

At least Meego knows when to admit defeat. And it was strangely fun to stay home and clean floors.
Yeah, hotels never close and actually often get busier in bad weather! Careful on the commute. Show that Pony Car who's boss!

meleah rebeccah said...

HA! I also laughed Meego's "I lost" - too funny.

And I can't believe y'all are already having snow days. It's just raining here - but I sure do wish it was snow instead.

Abby said...

The snow is pretty, but it's hella cold!! Our district is closed again today to avoid being "The Year of Frozen Schoolkids"

LL Cool Joe said...

Here in the UK it would be the other way round, quite honestly we could all go a whole year without wearing shorts. Even on a hot sunny day here in the UK shorts aren't really necessary. :D

Riot Kitty said...

So even though there's hardly any snow there were tons of accidents today. My Midwest relatives are laughing at us.

Abby said...

I know you wear them though. And that you need to dig around the inner pockets for your cell phone!

Abby said...

It's surprising what a teeny bit of ice can do to driving skills.

Rebecca S. said...

Very sweet. Your kids sound so great. My second son's only real complaint about UBC is that three of his roommates are slobs. He now thanks me for forcing him to learn to do chores and keep things at a basic level of cleanliness...Hallelujia indeed!

Mama Kat said...

I love snow days!! I'm more than happy to bundle up and stay home. Yes please! (with pants)