Wednesday, June 12, 2013

w/o wheels

Thankfully, the wind has died down since yesterday.  The air was quite smokey earlier this morning, but that seems to have dissipated with the sunrise.  The fire is still not contained.

I don't know anything about the status of any of my Black Forest tutees or their homes.  Our school district has a couple of schools out there.  This morning, I heard that one of them burned down, but also heard that it's still standing.  Clearly, everything is still in rumor mode.

Black Forest is an area of thick pines and ground cover consisting mainly of dead pine needles.  If there's anyplace for a wildfire to spread, it's Black Forest.  Really surprised it hasn't happened sooner.  There are also some million dollar and up homes out there scattered among the trees.  The people I know from there, however, are not at all snobby.  Super friendly in fact.

In the meantime, the rest of us just watch and wait.  Other fires have sprung up around the state.  The Royal Gorge fire is threatening the bridge.

For those who don't know, that area is home to a Super Max prison.  Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), Terry Nichols, and Tim McVeigh before his demise,  among others, reside there.  I heard that one of the prisons was evacuated.  There's a task!

Back in my little world, I'm feeling a bit adrift.  I am without wheels.  BOTH bicycles are in the shop(s).

Mountain bike Bella was due for a tune-up, and I happened to get a coupon for a free(!) one at a local sporting goods store.  I wouldn't normally take her to a sporting goods store, but a tune up at my shop costs around $70, so...

As for speedy Tessa the road bike, remember how I said I was going to change her tires?  Of course you do!  Her current tires were baldy baldy - blowouts waiting to happen.  It was time to get those new tires.  I pondered keeping her around until the other bike was back home, so I'd have SOMEthing, but really, I wasn't going anywhere on those tires anyway.

So I took her in to the usual shop, and we ordered up some pretty pretty tires.  Oh, I'm so happy for her, and me.  Can't wait to see how they look and feel on the road.  I want to bicycle commute as much as practical once I start fall classes.  We'll see how that goes.

Both bikes should be ready in a few days.  In the meantime, I'm feeling rather naked.

World Naked Bike Ride participants



  1. Sounds like it's exciting where you are. I hope you're safe from the fires! Sorry your bikes are in the shop and I hope the SGS does a great job on your tune up!

    1. Thanks Betty, yes this is a reminder that boring is good! The SGS is better known for tuning skis and snowboards - those are like bikes, right??

  2. First the Honda, now Tessa? Are you about due for some new wheels too? (I've been doin' a little window shopping for some shooz, but I like it when you go first.)
    Still sendin' blog juju your way. Hopefully they'll get at least some of it contained today!
    And really? People ride nude? My butt hurts when I ride WITH clothes on. I don't think I'd try it without.

    1. Funny you should ask, as I AM due for new wheels...erm... shooz! I got a pair over the weekend and pranced around the house in them for about 15 minutes. My feet complained the whole rest of the day! Going back to the old standbys.
      Heard back from one of my tutee moms. They're all safe, but they don't know if their house is still there. Stress!!

  3. Okay the naked bike riders are just weird. Sorry but, why?? My parts just hurt thinking about it! :D

    1. Right? I don't get it either. So much uncomfortableness from just pondering!

  4. This has been vehiculus interruptus week for you!
    It's scary that you are, once again, threatened with forest fires in your region.
    There is always a risk building your million dollar home in a forested area, up a hill, away from town. Several homes of that type were lost in the big Kelowna fires in our big fires a few years back.
    Stay as cool as possible, Megan Fox.

  5. I meant to say, 'Several home of that type were lost in the big Kelowna fires in our province a few years ago.' (typing too fast)

  6. It really hits close to home (no pun intended) when you actually know people whose homes are in jeopardy from the fires. Another scary season....
    Anxious to hear how the bicycle commuting works out, clothed or otherwise!

  7. I am hoping that the weather gives you a break from the fires. Another bad season for your areas.

    Sad to hear you are wheelless, but it is a good excuse for some new shooz. Cannot wait to see what new style you will be sporting. And cycling in the nude? That's an accident waiting to happen.

  8. Those naked bike riders are gonna get some nasty sunburn. I'm just sayin'.

    Glad to hear the wind has died down. Maybe things can get under control now.

  9. I saw the picture before reading the post and couldn't imagine...! I wondered if it was some sort of art exhibit. Funny! How do you know about this event. Wouldn't, by chance, have participated, ey?

    Keep us informed with news of the fire. We, your blog friends, are especially interested in you and your home.

    I assume your wheels are back home?

    1. I got Bella the mountain bike yesterday - I was fully clothed at the time...