Tuesday, June 11, 2013

not a cloud in the sky

But *damn* I wish there was!

It's hot and dry here.  No real news.  I got up this morning and it was 66 degrees at 5am, so we knew we were in for a hot day.  If we were lucky, some rainclouds might come in the afternoon, but they didn't.  Instead, there's just smoke in the air.


Today's fire is just to the north and east of us.  I have a few friends that live in Black Forest, a handful of tutor students.  The live feed shows several large homes burning.  I feel a bit morbid as I scrutinize to see if they are any of the houses I know.

Of course, after last summer, everyone's got the heebie jeebies whenever there's a fire.  But at least we know not to take them lightly.  It's that time of year.

Anyway, we'll take prayers, rain dances, hallucinogenic drugs that bring about alternate realities - I, for one, am not picky.
Update:  Chaco and I took the camera out and caught some of the aircraft going after the fire.  They look so tiny in comparison!


The beginning shows smoke from the fire near the Royal Gorge to our south.


Anita said...

Generally, right at this time (6:30 pm here) I'd be watching the evening news, but today I'm sitting on my bed with the laptop, trying to wind down from a day that had too much variety.
Eventually, I'll turn on the TV and I'll see the story you speak of and I'll feel sorry for those people.
I hope you get rain.

Anita said...

Just clicked on your link... scary.

terri said...

I sure wish I could send some of our rain to you. We've had a lot! I hope all of your tutee friends stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Boy. I really thought you all had been getting enough moisture to cut back on the risk of fires. I hope this isn't an indication of how your summer will be.
I'll do a rain dance for you as soon as the blisters on my feet heal. Until then, I'll send some blog juju your way. Please share with anyone in need.

agg79 said...

I am wishing some rain your way soon. After last year's fires, I had hoped with the winter storms of late, you would have gotten some rain up there. I'll join Shadow in a rain dance and blog juju for you.

Abby said...

I feel bad too. Some weren't able to get passed the roadblocks to get back to their homes for their pets.

Abby said...

I know! I've often wished for an invention that could distribute weather more evenly. Minnesota getting too much rain? Push a button and send it to Colorado!

Abby said...

I happily accept your blog juju (and we know how powerful that is!)

Abby said...

Yeah, even with the late snows, we're on the dry side. And, not to sound insensitive, Black Forest has been a tinder box for some time - next to nothing as far as fire mitigation goes. It's really a wonder this hasn't happened sooner.

Rock Chef said...

Stay safe. You can have our rain!

Abby said...

I could go for a good Old English day-long drenching!

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh boy that's scary! As Rock Chef said please take our rain, it's been non stop for the last couple of days.