Tuesday, April 23, 2013

going nowhere fast

Another April day, another donning of the long johns.  I hate to keep harping about the weather, but seriously, it's snowing?  Again??

Yeah.  Okay.  Fine.  Whatever.

I can roll with it.  This morning, I layered up in my finest winter wear again.  But I refuse to wear the Frankenstein snow boots in April.  My toes froze in my hiking boots, but it's the principle of the thing.

I returned home, made some comfort coffee, and settled in for some comfort math.  But first I decided to check my facebook page. Oh great, a bunch of Colorado friends feel it necessary to put up snow pictures and (expletive laced) snow status updates.  Like I need to relive it all while back INSIDE the house during my thaw time.

Then I put a comfort camping photo for my desktop wallpaper.

Attitude is everything.

Speaking of which, I was running on the treadmill this snowy morning, trying to convince my brain that I wasn't.  I've found that treadmill enjoyment requires iTunes and daydreams.  So I was treading that mill and daydreaming about high school track days while listening to Justin Timberlake sing about me, because I'm certain that I'm his muse.  

Anyways, I'm having a good old time, and I guess I got a little too into it. I caught the cord of my earbuds with my hand.  My iPod was sitting on the treadmill console, so whacking the earbud cord pulled it off its perch, thus subjecting it to the pull of gravity, disconnecting it from the earbuds, and sending it to the speeding belt of the treadmill.  This series of unfortunate events snapped me out of my daydream and forced me to remember that I was actually on a treadmill in a little room rather than winning that big race while boyfriend Justin cheered me on.  

I was glad I didn't step on it, but I stopped running to pick it up, and I could not find the thing.  I figured it must've gone flying off the belt, landing somewhere behind the treadmill ala George Jetson, right?  Wrong.  After an exhaustive search, I found the poor thing lying in front and a little to the right of the treadmill.  How it got there is a mystery of physics.

At least the tunes fired right back up again.

And how is your day going?  



Betty said...

Wow! Glad you didn't step on it too. Sorry your weather is bad. Come summer I'll be complaining here. At least you were productive right?

Anonymous said...

Snow in April is bad enough, but to have to run on the treadmill too? I am SO sorry. If it makes you feel better, I've had the same iPod/earphone mishap on the treadmill as well. Yet one more reason to avoid it if at all possible.
Nice camping photo. Reminds me of OUR good ol' days.
Here's hoping your May totally makes up for your April. *clink*

lotta joy said...

Compared to your day, I now wonder what I've been complaining about. Except I like to complain. My humongous treadmill in Indiana used to sit in the sunroom facing the windows. We didn't bring it with us because I visualized all the walking I'd do in Florida... but I refuse to sweat.

terri said...

I've had a much better day than your iPod!I hate when that happens. It's just too easy on a treadmill. Stupid weather! Stupid snow! It's all the weather's fault!

You are right though. Keeping a positive attitude is half the battle. Keep fighting!

agg79 said...

Glad you didn't step on it either. Those kinds of "self inflicted accidents" really frost my cookies. If I crunched my Nano, I'd go all drama queen (so claims my wife) with lots of cursing and foul language and the dogs heading for cover. That's why I stay away from treadmills (or one of the reasons). I really like your summer camping picture. Reminds me of the few times we have camped in Colorado. No humidity, no bugs, cooler temps. That's why almost 1/3rd of my state likes to head your direction come summertime. Keep on inspiring Justin.

Abby said...

Oh, I'll complain in summer too. It's what we do.

Abby said...

Yeah, it's kind of ironic that the treadmill is hazardous to my iPod, since the treadmill is about the only time I use the iPod!

Abby said...

I bet it's hard to walk in Florida without sweating. I bet it's hard to do much of anything in Florida without sweating.

Abby said...

Yep! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts deep down under 4 layers of clothing.

Abby said...

It is a good argument for treadmill boycott.
And I've been having camp cravings for a while now. And really? That's just 1/3rd??

meleah rebeccah said...

"Attitude is everything."

That's such a simple statement and yet so very powerful, because it's true!

"while listening to Justin Timberlake sing about me, because I'm certain that I'm his muse." _ HAhahahahahah!

Anita said...

We don't get the snow you get, however, a few fb friends of mine never fail to post a pic, too... as if I don't see it right outside my window. But that's okay - they are cheery people and that's a good thing, right? And...they might have interested people in other parts of the country who check out their wall; though it seems to be for us - the neighbors.

Anyway, hope you've seen the last of it, and that you will soon pack up the camping gear for another fantastic outing. It looks so peaceful out there among the trees and nature.

That looks like a clothesline I see. You're quite the expert!

Abby said...

Yes, I think the facebook posts are for people who live elsewhere - pure sympathy ploys. Like my blog posts.

We went "camping" at some hoity toit state park once. They didn't allow clotheslines. We never went there again.

Abby said...

It IS true! The Justin Timberlake thing however...