Sunday, April 21, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

What a week, eh?  Started with the crazy Boston Marathon bombing.  The surviving bomber - he's just a kid.  What the hell?

In the smaller circle of things, we dealt with more winteriness here.  While I'm not happy to be freezing my buns off in April, I'm grateful for the moisture.  We had a dryer than usual winter, so if we're making up for it in spring, so be it.  People out here have cows to feed and stuff.

Despite the wintry weather, it got nice enough for another track meet for Wolfgang and the team yesterday.  He and the rest of the 4x800 team are looking pretty good to be contenders at state this year.  Yesterday was the first time they've been beaten as they took second place, just one second behind the winners.

The winning team actually dropped their baton, which is an automatic DQ in the Olympics and, I think, college.  In high school, it can depend.  The officials apparently didn't see it, and Wolfgang said his team didn't want to bring it to the officials' attention because that would be admitting that a team that dropped their baton still beat them.  I totally get that!

Reese the Snake shed another round of skin this week - always a momentous occasion.  It's interesting to me how "playful" and energetic he becomes right after he sheds.  Like he's all happy with his new clothes or something.

Similarly, I'd made a grooming appointment for this week for China, but the groomer called and said she'd injured her hand and can't work for a while, so I rescheduled.  I think China knew it was going to be cold this week and wanted to keep her long fur coat a little longer, so she set the universe in motion to injure the groomer.  Dogs can do that.

In movie news, Magnum and I watched The Awakening.  It's a ghost story.  We liked it.  I thought it was well made with good casting.  And the ending... is she?  Or isn't she?



agg79 said...

Once again, sounds like another good movie I'll have to add to my Netflix queue.

IMHO, Wolfgang's team did the right thing. To win that way would seem to diminish the whole deal. I applaud their maturity - others would have been clamoring for the DQ. Sort of like the Costa Rican soccer team protesting their loss to the US team last month in Denver due to the snow.

Nice to hear Reese is enjoying his new clothes. And China is probably looking to hold on to her old coat for a while longer.

LL Cool Joe said...

So what happens to the old skin? Not yours, I mean the snakes! :D

I can't believe I'm saying this but we had a lovely, sunny, hot weekend here in the UK! Of course it will piss down with rain tomorrow, but it was nice while it lasted. That's probably all we'll get now until July.

Riot Kitty said...

Suspended for flying! I can't say I've ever had that happen to me. If you want some rain, head our way.

Anonymous said...

Crazy week for sure.
Wolfgang's team showed some great sportsmanship, as hard as that may have been. I'm thinking Karma may come by for a visit during the next meet.
Reese changed into his spring clothes already? Doesn't he know what kind of weather you all have been having? China seems to be the brighter of the two, hanging on to her winter wardrobe a little longer. Of course, if she has THAT much power, she should be using it to change the weather. (In my 'human' opinion)

Abby said...

The other team beat them, dropped baton and all. Better to just get back at it and beat them next time.

Abby said...

The old skin goes to the snake thrift shop *starts singing, "I'm gonna pop some tags..."*

Abby said...

I'll gladly take rain over snow! Hold the lightning.

Abby said...

Yeah, they were fine with taking second. I think it was humbling enough to know that the first place team dropped the baton yet still won.
Hmmm... China does love the snow. This is all her fault!!

Rock Chef said...

Another thing about moisture - less chance of bush fires in the summer?

The team did the right thing - winning on a technicality leaves a bad taste...

meleah rebeccah said...

Last week was truly the shittiest week of all time!

"...and Wolfgang said his team didn't want to bring it to the officials' attention because that would be admitting that a team that dropped their baton still beat them. I totally get that!"

Oh, I totally get that too.

Anita said...

Ouch! I wonder what the flying athlete's knees look like? Or did he miraculously land on his feet?

I always like your snake stories. :)

Congrats to Wolf and the fellas!