Wednesday, January 2, 2013

luck be a lady!

My house is tidy, all things considered.  It's just not clean.  I know it's not.  Stuff is picked up and put places, but the house needs a good post-holiday scrubbing.  

I looked around wondering where to start.  The kitchen?  The bathrooms?  Bedroom?  Faced with such a choice, I chose shopping.  Not fun, indulgent shopping, but mundane, ho-hum grocery shopping.  It seemed the lesser of the evils.

So I was at the checkout, signing off my purchases when the cashier gets all animated-like.

"*GASP*!  You won!!", she says all happy.

"Wha..?", I reply all clueless.

"You're our winner today!", all game-show hostess like.

Bells were ringing, lights were flashing, confetti was flying, a sharp man in a tuxedo was placing a tiara on my head! Really, it all happened just like that except for the sentence preceding this one!

Bottom line, I got my groceries for free.  All $72.55 of them.  Apparently, this grocery store has a random daily winner of "Win What You Spend".  Today it was little old me.

Now, I'm not much of a loyal grocery shopper.  I like to play the field.  I've got a good batch of stores within equal distance from me, so depending on what I need and where my other errands are, and my mood, I select one of them.  Today, I selected this one.

Or was it... fate?

Here's a bit of AbbyNormal trivia, in case it should ever come up at a party:   My favorite number is 13.  I just like it, probably because of the dark connotations, the rebellion of it.  Plus it's a prime number, and I've always been rather partial to prime numbers.

Earlier today, I was looking at the overall results of that 10K I did yesterday.  Turns out, I finished 13th overall for the ladies.  See that?  See what I did there?  Thirteenth overall for the New Year's Day run for year 2013??  Huh?  HUH??

Ooooh, it's gonna be a good year, you think?

Really, I'm not superstitious.  Not about numbers anyway.  I know the true force behind my good fortune, and it's none other than our cat Kat.  I've always gotten good vibes from black cats, and now I live with one!

I returned home with my load of free groceries and thanked her muchly.   And I'll let you in on a little secret.  She's not just a cat.  That's just the form she chooses to hang out in most of the time.   She's asked me to share her true self with the blog.  She's the... uh... larger one.

As you can see, she is elated that we won.


terri said...

You WON your groceries! That's an amazing promotion! Don't you wish you'd spent something more like $300 today? Congratulations anyway!

I've never been particularly bothered by the number 13, especially since my daughter was born on the 13th and her first birthday was on a Friday. It's her favorite number and she's worn many an athletic jersey proudly displaying that number. Maybe this will be her lucky year too!

ShadowRun300 said...

Soundin' to me like 2013 is going to be YOUR year!
I always thought that that kind of win only happened in movies. How cool that it happened to you for real! Shame it was only $77 worth... My grocery bill can be twice that much at times.
I see Kat's resemblance in her true self. Her elation for you is overwhelming.

Abby said...

At first, I thought maybe I'd won a $20 gift card or some such, which would've been nice enough. When I learned the actual winnings, yeah, I was wishing I'd got more stuff! At the same time, though, I'm glad it wasn't one of my stupid "chicken and bananas" runs!

Abby said...

I "never" win stuff like that! I was actually a bit embarrassed, there were people in line behind me that had to wait through all the hoopla.

Rebecca S. said...

Congrats! I've always been a bit of a fan of the ol' 13. Friday the 13th was always a good day for me, and by the pricking of my thumbs I think this is going to be a good year!

lotta joy said...

I've never * won * anything. If I did, it wouldn't be the day I did my $200 WEEKLY shopping. It would be the day I ran in to buy a pack of Kool Aid.

Guano said...

Yet another little bonus to start the New Year, on top of your 10K Big Finish! I like primes, too; they're so primal. But I'm partial to 11 & 17; I like their "straightness".

(Psst, Hey Terri: My 1st birthday was on a Friday the 13, too!)

Abby said...

Friday the 13ths are always good for me too! September and December this year, so you can plan ahead :)

Abby said...

Yeah, this wasn't a big load for me, but I'm also glad it wasn't just a Kool Aid quickie.

Abby said...

I like 17 too. 11's a bit too straight - suspiciously homophobic.

agg79 said...

Definitely one lucky lady. You should have gotten a lottery ticket on the way home (just in case).

Jimmy said...

I say very nice and congrats on the grocery win, maybe the number 13 had a role in it :)