Thursday, January 3, 2013

don't mind the mess

While the majority of working slobs has gone back to the grind, I confess that I am still slacking.  Students in our school district don't go back until Monday, so while the teachers and administrators are back, we outsiders have an extra few days.  Additionally, all of my tutees are taking this week off, and I didn't try to persuade them otherwise.

So I'm kind of getting caught up on things while enjoying a bit of lazy bumness.  Keep in mind that all of the kids are still here making several messes daily hanging out until school starts up again.

BUT, at least Magnum's been earning his keep.  Remember that contraption we ordered?  Then it arrived all wrong and he commenced to making me stupid?  Then he retaliated and got all of our money back, PLUS we got to keep the crap thing?

Well, he's been playing around with it during the break, and IT'S  A-LIIIIIIIIIVE!

Okay, not really, not quite yet.  But the head has certainly dropped.

We gave it a little test a couple of days ago.  The lovely Tessa, happy for the activity since the snow season started, was an enthusiastic willing participant.

Okay, so it's almost working.  Just needs a bit of tweaking.

With this- and maybe a good sturdy crossbow - we're nearly ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Know what it does?  20 questions?



lotta joy said...

WOW. My mom never learned how to ride a bike and she thought it would be good exercise, so dad hoisted it up on a brace so she could ride it. BUT having no resistence, she was just twirling her legs. lol.

I'd say that your setup is a generator...but for what? Making toast? That's it! What do I win?

AND, there's a lot of answers to the comment you left at my post, so ride yourself over there NOW.

lotta joy said...

PS. YOUR word verification is the hardest on the internet. It always takes me three tries to get it right. dammit

terri said...

I have to agree with lotta joy. I think the contraption is a generator. Maybe you're trying to reduce your energy costs. Maybe you've decided that if the kids want to watch t.v., they have to power it themselves. Hey, that's a pretty good idea! They can turn their brains to mush while at the same time, building their muscles!

Abby said...

You're correct, it's a generator! And it better make toast.
Never learned to ride a bike... aw, that's just sad.

Abby said...

I sincerely appreciate your perseverance.

Abby said...

You are also correct! We'll see just how dependent everyone is on their electronics now.

Rock Chef said...

It is a generator for powering the xBox, so the kids have to exercise while playing?

lotta joy said...

I like being appreciated. Thank you. Oh I'll have to do that damn word verification again.

If you never hear from me..........

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats to Magnum and his persistence to bring it almost back to life! I had the same guess as the others, but since I'm a little late to the party, I'll concede the winnings to them.
Enjoy your last few days of slummin'!

agg79 said...

Kudos to Magnum for making it work. And double kudos for getting for free. I like those kinds of deals. Looks like you guys are definitely ready for the zombie apocalypse.