Monday, December 10, 2012

sweet things

I braced for the real winter of this morning.  I layered up good, put on the clunky boots.  I love their warmth, but is there a way to get that warmth without the clunkiness?  I'm like a toddler walking in those things.  

Yesterday, as the snow fell, we had a cozy day inside.  I did get out to shovel the driveway and deck while Magnum was playing with the Fun Car and that other project that I'm not yet wanting to share the purpose of.  Later, he and I took China for a chilly beauty walk. 

Wolfgang was going to go to the Climbing Center with some friends, but I guess they decided not to because of the snowstorm.  When I was playing around with Henry Stanley, he asked what the Illustration Friday prompt was, then sat down and did the above Calvin and Hobbes.  

He's a pretty decent artist in his own right, usually doing characters from video games or sci-fi movies.  But maybe the cozy day put him in a more whimsical mood for "Explore".  I've encouraged him to set up his own online gallery, and it's on his list of things to do.  In the meantime, I thought I'd go ahead and submit this one for him.

The woman on the radio this morning said it was -1 outside.  By the time I went to The Office, it was in the low teens.  I looked forward to seeing the die-hard regulars that don't let a little weather keep them from walking or biking to school.  

And most were there, bundled up, ready for another week.  It was a nice morning actually.  The mountains are gorgeous in the sunlight with the freshly fallen snow.  I didn't take a photo, my cheesy camera wouldn't do them justice.

One of my regulars isn't a school kid at all.  "Bunny" lives up the road and walks by almost daily for her dog's beauty walk.  Bunny is herself a former crossing guard for another local school.  We chat in the mornings, sharing war stories

She and the pooch showed up this morning, appropriately bundled.  She asked if I was staying warm, which I was, then handed me these things!

An insulated cuppa hot chocolate - complete with hand grippie - and  this cute little Santa crossing guard.  Where does one even get a cute  little Santa crossing guard?!

And here I thought this morning would be cold.


LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, how kind! You know until very recently here in the UK we called "Crossing guards" "Lollipop woman" or "Lollipop man". How cute right? :D

Guano said...

What a perfect little gift, from one crossing guard to another. I'm sure she thought of you fondly when she discovered it, and the fact she filled it with hot chocolate on a cold morning is extra credit!
Great Calvin & Hobbs, too! I miss the coziness the snowfall brings; enjoy it!

ShadowRun300 said...

How sweet! Don't you love getting gifts that are thoughtful? THAT's what Christmas is about. One of my co-workers brought me a throw pillow designed with a Christmas tree decorated with cupcakes. Not something I would have bought for myself, but I LOVE it, because it shows she thought enough of me to buy it. It's got a place of honor on my couch.
So happy you got some snow. So sad that you didn't get pics. I'm needing a mountain fix!
Oh, and Wolfgang's pic? Delightful! Glad you submitted it for him. It deserves to be seen!

Abby said...

I know about the Lollipop Ladies! That is so much better than "crossing guard" *YAWN*!

Abby said...

It really was a nice surprise. She had to carry the hot chocolate down the hill while wrangling her black lab.

Abby said...

Very true, it was so thoughtful of her and helped get me into the Christmas spirt. A cupcake Christmas tree - perfect!!

Larz said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! Good life lessons there.

agg79 said...

Funny. You stumping around the town in clunky boots does remind me of Calvin and Hobbs. Great comic with an interesting perspective on life. All your cold weather is slipping down this way - we're forecasted to be in the low 30s for the next few days. Chilly but no snow :-(. A;though the dogs are enjoying the cooler temps.

Anita said...

A good feel-good post here. Mother and son bonding in their love of art...which, I am impressed by, Wolfgang. I smiled as soon as it popped up on the screen. Also, you receiving the "Act of Kindness" fits very well in the "Sweet things" category. How sweet of Bunny.

terri said...

Wolfgang sure has the talent to show off his work. I hope he takes your advice.

I think you're right about the boots and winter gear in general. It's either functional or fashionable, not both. I have a pair of Columbia boots that are nice and warm and pretty comfortable to walk in. But they're short. So they don't do well in deep snow.

What a generous thing for Bunny to do, giving you such a gift. I want to be more like her... taking time out of my day to think of someone else and act on it.