Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The pack neared the halfway point.  This was a fun part of the race, the turnaround to see all those that we were ahead of, look other runners in the face, look for anyone we knew... wait... what?  Seriously??

I wanted to blog about a topic, and went to the site of that Turkey Trot I did at Thanksgiving because I was going to post an image of the course map to illustrate a point.  Alas, the map is gone, but I found a few photos and swiped a couple

The start.  Find Abby, win a prize.

This is a fun event because (1) it's Thanksgiving, (2) attendance is always big, (3) competition is pretty fierce, (4) it's a nice course, and (5) it's for a good cause.  Did I leave anything out?

One thing that makes the course fun is that, at the halfway point, the course makes a sharp U-turn so that runners backtrack for about a third of a mile from where they just came.  There are racers going in both directions.  It's a chance for some of the more average runners to get a glimpse of the leaders as they go blasting past.  (note:  I was the only one in my pack who gave a *woot* to the leaders as they went passed in the opposite direction.  Sore loser poopers.)

The turnaround is clearly marked with bright orange pylons and a water table, and it's a somewhat crazy funneling of bodies to make that 180 turn.   Except there was this guy... this one guy... He jumped the gap well before the official turnaround.  Literally cutting the corner.  What's up with that?

There was sort of a collective groan around me as he did it.  He was a "grownup".  Cheating?  It's just a freaking Turkey Trot for cripes sake!

I don't understand cheaters.  So the guy shaved some seconds off his time with that move.  In a race with so many attendees, I'm sure it did make a difference in his standing, at least within his age division.  But how satisfying could that be?  He knew he cut the corner.

I mentioned that Magnum and I are doing the pedometer challenge thing for a chance to win prizes.  The last pedometer challenge awarded prizes to top performers.  There were a few who highly likely cheated.  Their step counts calculated to around 30 miles a day.  Every.  Day.  Never mind that they had full-time desk jobs.

That's probably why this latest challenge just sets a threshold, then does a random drawing among all who make it in.

Oh well, I suppose there will always be cheaters.  I prefer dignity and sleeping at night.

Oh, and that kid that fell early in the race?  The one I heroically saved from being trampled??  He beat me!  Here he is - #2890 - crossing the finish, none the worse for wear.  Once again, find Abby and win a prize.

No cheating!


agg79 said...

Nice running shots. I've never really been happy with the ones I've gotten - I think I look like I am either dying or spastic. Still waiting for that cool uber runner look.

Never got the cheating thing either. You are paying for the privilege of running, why cheat yourself? Our half marathon has the same kind of down and out turn for the 9 mile mark. For about a mile, you run against the pack, seeing the leaders, encouraging each other, trying to measure how far ahead is the turn. Every year that turn seems to get further, but I still love making that 180 around the pylon and knowing you are heading home (even though it is still 3 miles away). Remember, winners never cheat and cheaters never win.

terri said...

Wow! You look so relaxed, all smiley as you run. Like Agg, I'm sure I don't look like I'm relaxed and comfy as I'm running.

I don't understand the guy cutting the corner either. How can anyone take pride in their time knowing that they didn't earn it?

Cute little kid that you rescued. I'm glad you rescued him so he could finish the race. I hope the cheater guy reads about your act of kindness here and feels shameful over his own behavior!

Guano said...


Abby said...


Abby said...

Maybe karma will get the cheater. Next time, maybe he'll trip over the cone barrier and no one will heroically save him.

Abby said...

I think the ironman in Hawaii is that way, for the final marathon part, with racers going both directions. They maybe all hate each other by that point?

ShadowRun300 said...

I noticed how happy you were too! And good for you for being a good sport towards the leaders of the pack.
Your cheater guy reminds me of a guy who practiced bowling at the same center I used to practice at quite often. When practicing, scores are not supposed to matter because you're working on certain skills. However, he felt the need to have a high score up on the board for all to see. So he would change his misses to strikes or spares. I guess he didn't realize people were watching him cheat. And even if they weren't watching, the scoreboard makes notes of any corrections made to a frame... or every other frame in his case. I lost respect for him after I witnessed it several times. Kinda sad, really.

Abby said...

Change his misses to strikes or spares?! During practice?? Yeah, that is kinda sad - something not right there.
And I hadn't realized I was such a smiley runner. Maybe my face, sensing the race atmosphere, thought there'd be mud? :)