Friday, August 10, 2012

go team!

I went to check my school staff e-mail.  I was able to log in, so that was a good sign that I hadn't been fired.

There were several messages, 99.873645% of which didn't pertain to me, but then one caught my eye.  Something about staff shirts.  I actually got a staff t-shirt 2 years ago when I first signed on as a crossing guard.  It's a nice basic cotton T with the name of the school on it.  Blue.  I sort of think there was just an extra laying around, so it was given to me.

Later that year, the full-timers got these cool tie-dyes.  Apparently, there wasn't one of those left laying around and I was deprived.

So I read the e-mail about how we were to go pick up our staff shirts in time to be worn to the big rah-rah all school district kickoff event this morning (school starts next week for students).  I did not plan to attend this event.

I still wanted a shirt.

I called secretary Nancy.

Nancy:  Hello, Hoopa Choopa Elementary.

Me:  Hello secretary Nancy.  It's AbbyNormal [insert socially appropriate blather about summer, the start of the year, the rah-rah event, etc.].  So... yeah... I was wondering... do I get a shirt too?  Or are they just for the full-timers <---- I added that last question to give secretary Nancy an Out, just in case they totally overlooked the quarter-time crossing guard.

Nancy:  You betcha.  Yours is in your mailbox, just come pick it up whenever.
(sign #2 that I haven't been fired

You are correct if you think this is one
of those lame-o bathroom mirror photos
So, it's a pretty good fit and comfy.  I'm not big on V-necks as it gives a bit of a scrub look.  The color totally clashes with the ratty vest.  You'd think they would've taken that into consideration...

Nancy:  School staff pics are next week, so wear your shirt then, too!

Yay, sign #3 that I haven't been fired.  Not yet.


agg79 said...

It is always a good sign when they haven't disconnected your e-mail/voice mail accounts or still talk with you. That means they must still like you (or are looking for someone to pin the blame upon).

Nice shirt, even if it is a bit "blue". With your stylish crossing guard vest, you won't be hard to miss.

ShadowRun300 said...

You must be so relieved about having your school pic outfit already chosen. That's usually the most stressful part.
Hoopa Choopa Elementary.. hmmm.. wonder what your mascot is??

terri said...

It's a pretty color! I like it! But WHY do they make the staff where matching shirts for picture day. It just ends up looking cheesy.

Anita said...

I wouldn't have thought scrubs if you hadn't of mentioned it. But since you did, hmmmm...

It is a good fit though, and you all will look marvelous in your group shot. :)

Wear it and wash it a few times and it'll get that faded, softer, cool look.