Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics or apocalypse?

I was out running this morning and wasn't even a half mile from my house before my first encounter.  It was a guy going downhill as I was going up.

"Harder going up than down, I bet", he panted, "Hmmm, looking forwad to that *sarcasm*"

There were others too.  Some of them across the street.  Some of them crossing at intersections.  Some of them with dogs.  None with cats.  All were running.

It was a beautiful morning, so I can't say as I blame them.  If not for the nice weather conditions, it seemed like the week after New Years with all of the Resolution Runners.

The regular cohorts were there too - the feisty Korean Grandma (really, I know the grandkids.  They're definitely hers, they're definitely Korean), the woman who puts lights on her Shelties in the dark winter mornings, they guy who seemingly always wears a sweatshirt and shorts,  no matter the weather...

But all these new faces!  I pondered and deduced what must be the cause.  It's the Olympics!

Especially with track and field getting the bulk of prime time attention this week.  It's like when we were kids and we'd watch the Olympic athletes and then want to go out and do what they were doing.

Who can blame them?  I've been watching me some Olympics this week.  I wasn't much into swimming, and gymnastics just makes me so nervous, but I do enjoy the track events.

Joe noted their perfect bodies, and yes there is that...  But I also appreciate that blazing speed and making it look so easy.

We watch the replays in slo-mo - their faces totally relaxed with cheeks and lips flopping about while they are running 20+ miles an hour or clearing hurdles.

Unlike some of the other events, running is perhaps something people feel more readily able to do.  Could you do a back handspring atop a balance beam?  Me neither.  Swimming requires a pool.  But running?

So, we watch.  It looks easy.  We go out with visions of grandeur.  Or not.  But still, it looks fun so why not?

It was nice to see these unfamiliars out this morning - even in Mouse Town there were three more.  History tells me they likely won't stick around for long.  But it's nice to think that there is still some impressionable kid in all of us.

Or maybe there's another reason behind the fad.


ShadowRun300 said...

I watched all the running this week too, and as I watched the slow motion cheek jiggling, lip flapping faces I had to wonder if that's what I look like. Then I remembered I probably don't run quite that fast.
They've inspired me to do my longest run so far though!
Loved the last pic. So that's Mouse Town, huh? ;)

agg79 said...

Thank you. As much as I (try to) run on a regular basis, I always picture myself as looking like some sort spastic jogger. That's one reason I don't buy into all the marathon pictures - I think I look like a goofy mouth breather with my tongue flapping. Still, seeing all those hard bodies gliding around the track does tend to inspire us, no?

Abby said...

Well, we may not run quite as fast, but can they make as mean a cupcake? And yes, that's pretty much Mouse Town with the weeds trimmed.

Abby said...

We are all as graceful as the Kenyans and don't you say otherwise!

terri said...

Interesting... I've noticed no new runners around here. Haven't even seen many of the usual walkers, come to think of it. The Olympic runners definitely inspired me to get out of bed and go run on those mornings when it was tempting to snooze the alarm for another hour. Those six pack abs were motivating too, but somehow I think I've got to do something more than just run to achieve those... if that is even possible after three babies!