Friday, February 24, 2012

the removal

I need to talk about this.  I'm fretting and trepidating (yes, totally made up verb, but it seems appropriate) today. 

It's Wolfgang.  He's having a procedure done today.  Others say it's "minor", but when it's your own child, anything is "major".  I've known this day was coming for about a month, and I've tried to keep a calm exterior.

Thing is, HE is so calm about it.  Does he realize what's happening?  Maybe not.  Not fully. 

In fact, as I look at the clock, he's probably finished and recovering about now.  It feels strange.  He left this morning like it was any other day.  I tried to mirror his calmness as I took one last look.  The next time I see him, he'll be different.

He's going under the... well, probably already GONE under the


Yeah, he's shaving his head.  It's a school fundraiser for cancer research.  He signed up a month ago or so, has collected donations, got the T-shirt.  Today the hair comes off.  His thick, dark, curlyish hair.  Off.

Oh, he's had buzz cuts before, but he's never had a full-on G.I. Jane.

Actually, I'm pleased that he decided to do this.  At first, I admit, I thought it was just some group shenanigans done under the guise of fundraising - which is fine, and yes there is a bit of that.  But I also learned that most of his friends from his "core" group aren't participating.  Nope, he's going "Bald for Bucks" on his own volition. 

A girl friend, as opposed to "girlfriend", made a donation can for him, decorated with Calvin and Hobbs.  He's turned it in and turned over his hair.

And while it may take some getting used to, it reminds me to be grateful that it's purely symbolic in his case. 

UPDATE:  The results are in, and it actually looks pretty slick! (literally).  It feels like a big round cat's tongue.  Wolfgang likes it.  He thinks it might help him run faster, just in time for the start of track season.  He says they raised around $8000.

I like it.  As 4th in line for the shower each morning, I might actually have hot water now!


  1. An aerodynamic head and fundraising for a good cause. I'd say it's been a very successful day for Wolfgang.

  2. You're son is doing something so wonderful and congratulations to his group for raising $8000! Good to hear that the haircut went well.

  3. Abby, you should be very proud! I can see why it would be sad for you to see it go, though. My 17 year old has very nice, longish hair, and he's thinking of going into the Marines or Coast Guard. That was one of the first things brought up... "but, but, you know you're going to have to shave your head...."
    And you're shower comment is right on! He's also the one that takes the longest in the bathroom.....

  4. What an awesome fundraising idea! I love it!

  5. One of my nephews shaved his head (along with several other kids), in support of a classmate with cancer--it was beautiful!

    As for me, I shave my head every chance I get--but for a less noble reason--just to keep cool in the year-round heat here!

  6. You know that they say, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. A fantastic idea, if, I might add, not a little hair brained. I think it took some real hair to do that, especially in high school. Bravo for him to give up his locks for a good cause.

    And, yes, it does cut down on wind resistance. That and it takes less upkeep. No after picture?

  7. Good for Wolfgang (great name, by the way)! My daughter grew her hair out until it was long enough to cut and donate for wigs for cancer patients, but she didn't have to go bald.
    I hope you got your warm shower.