Thursday, February 23, 2012

gift of nature

We're having us another snow day today.  This makes number 3 for the school year.  It used to be that the kids would just bask in snow day glory whenever it happened, but a few years ago, we had a harsh winter that used up more snow days than were baked into the schedule.  This resulted in having to make them up at the end of the school year. 

There was MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth!  And that was from district employees moreso than students...

Since then, we keep track of the count.  I think there is room for 6, so we're at 50% now.

I tutor a high school student on Thursdays who is homeschooled, so today is just another day for her.  She gets to avoid the bullies and the cliques and the fashion police of traditional high school, but she doesn't get snow days.  It doesn't seem to bother her, though.  She ranks pretty low on the teen rebellion scale.

As for my own rebels, they're being pretty agreeable too.  Chaco's been up late the last couple of nights working on a robotic arm for the science olympiad, so he caught up on sleep.  And I think we are, by now, majority owners of  Radio Shack.

Right now, he and his fellow olympian are putting on the finishing touches.

Remember my sweet, clean, and organized workspace?  He's totally hijacked the Giga Desk:

Day by day, our oldest is turning into my dad, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.


Judy said...

{full body shudder over the giga desk}

I just wanna take a big ol' box and rake it all into it!

Enjoy your snow day - almost 90 degrees here today!

Abby said...

DUDE(ette)! 90 degrees?! I think that would be a total shock to my system right now - much like the state of my desk is.

Shawnte said...

Don't worry xD My work desk is about that messy too. It was worse until I cleaned up some late last year :s.

Also, I find this funny simply for the fact that as a blog post today, I was praising the California weather and the deserts xD Then I saw this post about snow and snowy weather, and how much you love the snow. Hehehe polar opposites much?

I would have loved to have a snow day when I was a kid. Any excuse to not go to school was enough for me xD. Over here, school only gets canceled if there is a brush fire close to the campuses. Anyway, enjoy your snow day :3!

agg79 said...

I'm thinking leaf blower (for giga desk). I know you don't want to hear this but I am a bit further south of Judy and we're in the 60's today. Not too many snow days down here. Although, I will admit, if there is ever a hint of snow or freezing weather (~31 degrees), the city basically shuts down.

terri said...

Ah, I miss snow days when I worked at home and had a freebie day with my kids. We haven't had enough snow to keep anyone home from work or school for years. (Last year's big snow fall happened on a weekend.)

We got our first measurable snow Monday night and now everyone is talking about the big snow we might get on Sunday. We gripe about the weather here, but we love it (and clearly miss it when it doesn't show up on schedule!)

Jake's bedroom looks a lot like your giga desk looks right now. We just keep the door shut.

Abby said...

Brush fires! Yikes, I'll take a snowstorm over a brush fire, thanks.

Abby said...

60's I could definitely handle about now. Good leaf blowing weather.

Abby said...

What's up with you guys?! Get with the program, it's already February you know!

I still enjoy a good snow day. I appreciate them even more now that I'm a crossing guard. If school wasn't cancelled, it would have been a helluva bad hair day.

ShadowRun300 said...

Snow days rock! I loved 'em as a kid, as a teacher, and as a parent. We get 5 snow days built into our schedule, and they're pretty strict about calling school. When my kids rode the bus to school, or were driven by me, I'd be upset if they called school for an inch or two, thinking "we're waisting a snow day on this?" Now that my kids drive themselves, I get upset if they DON'T call school for even a little bit of snow. Your perspective changes when it's your own kids that have to drive in the stuff.
If you figure out how to keep the kids from over-running your space, let me know. Your desk looks like EVERY flat surface in our house... I've given up trying to declutter. I figure they'll be out of the house soon enough, right? And I'll have a nice, clean, home again... and then be like Terri - grateful to see clutter and games, dirty clothes and dishes scattered throughout the house, because that means they are home for the weekend! :)

ShadowRun300 said...

ugh. 'wasting', not 'waisting'

Scott said...

Snow? What's that? Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, any day it snowed was a snow day--school was let out. Because it only snows there every seven years or so. Here in Pensacola, Florida, it snows even more rarely--probably because it's closer to the Gulf. I have never seen snow, not even the slightest flurries, since I moved here in March, 1998. Snow can be a nuisance farther north (so I hear)--but here snow is a miracle, like manna from Heaven!

Abby said...

It's hard for me to imagine not ever seeing snow, having lived in snowy places my whole life. I remember some kids new to the neighborhood from California when I was a kid. It started snowing as we waited for the schoolbus. While the rest of us huddled and tried to keep warm, they were wholly engrossed by it. Gave me an appreciation.