Thursday, February 2, 2012

day of shadows

"The person we choose to be, ... automatically creates a dark double -- the person we choose not to be."
~Thomas Moore

I knew the occupants weren't home.  They were out of town and wouldn't return for a few more days.  From the window in the back door, I could see what I wanted so badly to have.  But how could I get it and go undetected?  I was a "good girl".  This shouldn't have been happening. 

But I had a friend.  A friend who was... creative in this sort of thing.  I told him what I was thinking.  I asked for his help.

Without a second thought, I brought him to the house, to the back door. 

"See, there it is", I pointed out.  "Can you help me get inside without leaving any evidence of a break-in?"

I could see the excitement in his eyes.  It's like I could see the gears begin to turn in his head.  Yes, he would get me inside that house, to my treasure. 

I'd never done anything like that before, but the next thing I knew, we were carefully and quietly disassembling that back door.  He had somehow found a screwdriver and some other tools - yes, he knew instinctively how to locate such things. 

One more piece of door adeptly removed... then to just carefully lift out the section of window glass...  I could reach through!  I did so, and unlocked the door from the inside.  Then we were inside the house.  My heart was racing.

I went to work.

I filled the watering can.  Watered the plants that needed it.  Next, to the cat room where I changed the litter box and put out fresh food and water.  And lastly, I took that little brass door key that I had left on the kitchen counter the previous time and put it securely in my pocket.  Whew!

We put that door back together and replaced the tools to their original locations.  No one other than the two of us ever knew that the plants and cats I was caring for while the owners were out of town nearly dried up and starved. 

When the owners returned, they paid me well for taking care of things while they were gone.  They subsequently hired me several more times. 

Sometimes it's good to have friends in low places. 

In honor of groundhog day...


Oh, and June is fine.  Never better.


Shawnte said...

Well said! I honestly wasn't sure where this was going, as it looked like it was about a staged break in. That was a really good thing you did for your neighbors. Those poor cats! I can't imagine how hungry they were when you got there. You did a good deed! :3

terri said...

You are very, very clever! Great story! I gotta admit... you had me going! I was thinking, "What did Abby DO???"

Judy said...

YAY JUNE!!! So glad to hear she's okay - I was worried! LOL

Now, as for your breaking and entering antics...

agg79 said...

After your brush with the trooper about your vehicle violations, I just knew you were headed down that path to trouble. Breaking and Entering with Aggravated Plant watering? What's the penalty for that? Glad you were able to find an accomplice to help you in your crime.

And I'm glad to hear June is doing ok.

ShadowRun300 said...

How sneaky of you! You've been very lucky to have avoided serious trouble with the law these days. Hope it doesn't catch up to you. ;)
And I'm really glad June is fine. All's well that ends well.

Rock Chef said...

Phew, I thought you were confessing to being a part-time cat burgler for a minute!

Nicely done!

Adrienne said...

Excellent! I love the build up of suspense in this narrative. You had my heart pounding the entire time.