Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a new month and where's June?

As one door closes... another opens. Happy February!

I signed up for another month of  NaBloPoMo - the challenge to blog every day for a month.  This year is a leap year, so it means February will be extra challenging! But, I figure if I collapse along the way, what will they do?  Fire me?

NaBloPoMo February 2012

I'm actually feeling a bit introspective and quiet lately, and not particularly blog-gabby.  There's changes afoot, I feel.  It's all good, quite good, but I have a need to slow down and ponder sometimes. 

And maybe I'm just a bit uneasy because I haven't seen my crossing guard cohort, June, all week.  June handles the crosswalk directly in front of the school, and she is also a lunchroom attendant. 

I'm guessing that she's in her early-to-mid 60's.  She's very nice and a little on the quiet side.  I got to know her a few years ago when I used to be a substitute lunch lady.  She seems to be in good health - slim, but not at all frail. 

Anyway, she usually comes through my crosswalk on the way to her crosswalk.  We share greetings and discuss the weather in a real way, as opposed to a small-talk way.  Our conversation usually has to do with our outerwear on the particular day, and on those really cold days, our underwear.

I go through my school staff e-mail about once a week, mainly to delete all of the e-mail that doesn't pertain to me, which is about 99.5% of it.  Every Sunday, the principal puts out  a "weekly highlights" where she summarizes the week just passed and looks to the week ahead.  This last one included this:

"Thank you to staff for your support with our 911 call and security incident on Friday...never a dull moment."

I have no idea what that is referring to, and I'm usually fine with that.  If I had a need to know, I would know.  But the fact that it coincides with the missing June has me a bit uneasy.  Since my crosswalk post is actually quite a ways from the school, I usually have no need to be at the school, and so I just get these condensed versions of goings on.

It so happens that this afternoon, I'm getting together with my recently tattooed friend.  We finally found an hour in each of our schedules that was free for us both.  AND it so happens that she volunteers for district security. AND I asked her if she knew anything about the above mentioned incident.  AND she said she did and that, "I'll explain when I see you on Wednesday."

So I'll know more later.  In the meantime, I hope June is just on a fun vacation where there's no discussion of long underwear.


ShadowRun300 said...

I'm asking where June is too. But I mean the month... :/
I really hope your June is okay. It's scary thinking about what might be. I'm impressed you've been able to be patient, and didn't just bug your recently tattooed friend to "TELL ME NOW!" We're all anxiously awaiting too, now, so please keep us informed!

Shanwnte said...

I wish you the best of luck on the challenge ^^! I put myself up to my own little challenge to blog about something every single day for a solid year. I just know I'm gonna slip up sometime, but I hope not x.x...

terri said...

My first thought about the missing June was that she is on vacation in Florida. It seems a likely thing to do for someone of her age, so I hope that's what she is doing. Good thoughts going June's way.

I'm really enjoying your daily blogging routine. You've got the right attitude about the commitment. And no, they won't fire you. I didn't get fired. I'm guessing they didn't even notice I fell off the wagon in January.

Judy said...

Oh I hope your June is okay! I will tell you, though, that the month June is sneaking into Texas right now - it was 84 degrees today! I was driving in circles around Schlitterbahn, hoping they'd take pity on all of us and open!

Rebecca S. said...

I hope June is recovered, and back at her post, post-haste. I know, as a northerner how important those weather conversations are.
Daily postings...I already do that on Facebook. It's sort of an obsession!