Friday, December 30, 2011

opposities attract?

Okay, I did one thing, I did start the running blog up again - more or less.  More as in it exists, less as in I haven't written anything over there yet.  BUT it's a start...  I checked on a couple of my running zealot friends to see that their blogs do still exist, but nothing's been posted for Looooooong Times. 

In somewhat related news, though, Magnum and Wolfgang went shoe shopping yesterday.  Wolfgang is the "other" runner in the family and was due for a pair.  Magnum uses the treadmill a couple of times a week too, and he's got weird feet, so he wanted to go to the running store with Wolfgang and have the full blown "gait analysis".

First, here are the shoes that Wolfgang got.  Aren't they pretty?  I swear the boys get the coolest colors! Plus he gets the all-important High School Team Discount. I've done the gait analysis too, and Wolfgang and I are pretty much in the same category...

But check out Magnum's shoes - resulting from his gait analysis.  Dude!  We all know that he has flat feet, it almost kept him out of the army.  Check the soles of these shoes, though.  They remind me of big baby shoes!  I don't mean to make fun, really I don't!  There is truly much science that goes into running shoe design, and I for one appreciate it.  I can't imagine trying to run in these things with my high arches.

So anyway, we're all decked out running-wise for the new year.  Me with the old/new blog, those guys with their shoes.  I will say that running's been good to me lately.  I haven't wanted to mention the fact that I have been injury free now for quite some time - no knee bursitis, no plantar fasciitis, no strained hamstringitis...  If I say something, it might wake them up!

And, according to my records, I've run 1408 miles to date in 2011.  I'm not really one to keep track of a bunch of stats, but I do keep track of miles because it indicates when my shoes are about to crap out. 

1408 miles = 4.7 pairs of shoes.  Mom would be proud. 


agg79 said...

Ok, rub it in. I buy one new pair of running shoes a year to your 4.7. While I don't have flat feet, I am also plagued with high arches, which makes our foot patterns out of the norm. These last two pair I got shoes designed for our type of feet. So, since you are having fun at Magnum's expense, were are the pictures of your new shoes?

terri said...

The boys DO get all the cool colors!

My first impression of Magnum's shoes was that they were some of those goofy fitness shoes all the women were wearing in the last year or so! (Sorry, Magnum!)