Thursday, December 29, 2011

beginning of the end

Magnum and I were out for our Old Folk's walk last night.  I asked him if he had any New Year's resolutions.

"I've got [that financial thing]", he replied, ponderingly, "and that [other financial thing].  You?"

"Nah, *sigh* not really.  Got any suggestions?", with great expectation.

"Nope, you're perfect", he replied a little too quickly.

"Ah, c'mon, I can take it!"

Then he went on to make a couple of good suggestions from the professional realm that are along the same lines as what I was discussing with my coach.  Things I was planning to do anyway, but I just needed to get specific.  So now they're specific and I'll write them down and do them.

I also signed up for another  month of NaBloPoMo.  Go ahead and click the image and you too can be part of the fray!

NaBloPoMo January 2012

The theme is "Beginnings" so what's not to like about that?  Just commit to blogging EVERY day of the month, and read some of the others' stuff.  I figure if I made it through December - despite the holidays and the flu - I can do a January!

I'm also thinking of resurrecting the old running blog.  When I had it before, I met a few other zealots and we would keep each other motivated and blog about exciting things like new shoes and mud. 

I miss that sometimes...

What do you have in the works??


terri said...

I wondered if you were going to do another month of NaBloPoMo. The December challenge was good for me and I debated signing up for another month. Your commitment to January makes me feel motivated, so I'll do it too!

See that? I got my first resolution! I should work on getting a few more...

agg79 said...

I like the challenge of the daily blog, but just don't have the same drive/stamina as you do. Resolutions for the new year? I am just trying to make it out of 2011 alive. Would like to run more, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.

Rock Chef said...

Main thing in the works is my dissertation... Made a booboo saving the data so I can't work on it until I get back to work again :-(

CiCi said...

I have things I need to get accomplished and other things I just like to do.
Today I see a lawyer to get the divorce started and papers served. Sad by necessary. And I am also working on making decorations for the senior center as well as updating some of the older decorations they have been using for 17 years. I spoke to a lady who is moving her florist shop from a rented building in town to her home 4 miles from town and she is donating some things to help me with the decorating of the senior center. She gave me some things last night and told me about lots more she will bring to the center.

Sounds like you stay on top of things with your coach and your husband advising. Are you actually making resolutions or are you moving forward with plans you already had in the wings?