Friday, December 30, 2011

opposites attract, the sequel

Okay, agg79 commented that since I'm having fun at Magnum's expense, and that since I certainly dont have "perfect feet",  then I should at least fess up an reveal my running shoes.  NOT a problem.

These are my lovely Nikes, or at least an attractive google rendition of such.  Note that they are not optimum for me based on my gait analysis, but I like them because they're lightweight and simple.   So I run in them, rebel that I am.

No, my true shame comes from the shoes I wear for walking.  I typically walk the dog everyday, and typically walk with Magnum each evening.  In fact, I attributed most my "running" injuries to improper walking shoes.  And now, these are what I wear for walking:

They are absolutely hideous!  Really, this image does not do them justice.  They look bad enough now, but imagine them in summertime when I wear them with shorts!  It's difficult for me to admit that I do such a thing!

BUT, I'm on my second pair of these ugly ugly shoes and my feet, knees, hamstrings, etc. have never been happier.  It's quite the love / hate relationship.

I did joke with Magnum that, when he's finished running in his new shoes, maybe we could bronze them and put them on the mantle.  But in reality, I totally win the ugly shoe contest.

And that's enough about the shoes!


agg79 said...

Now, now. Those ain't too ugly. You gotta love whatever works for you. At least you are not out fighting at the malls over the newest Air Jordans. I have the same love/hate relationship with my shoes, once I find a pair that works for me, I keep them until they deteriorate. I actually still have a pair that are held together with duct tape (for yard work only - I swear).

CiCi said...

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is ugly. I personally like these shoes. Not ugly at all. And the fact that they are comfortable all the better. I am in and out all day so I have an older pair of Nike Airs with the tongue removed so I can slip in and out of easily.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for comfortable shoes. When I find a pair, I typically buy a second (or more) pair right away. I hate going back to the store a year later and discovering that the style I like has been discontinued.