Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy Illustration Friday on New Year's Eve Saturday.  Omigosh, what a day?!  Anyways, this week's IF prompt is "highlight". 

So I was thinking... uhm... hair?  Nah.

Well, there's always the sports highlight.  In my work as a tutor, I've had several high school athlete students.  Not just run-of-the-mill high school athletes, but highly recruited ones.  They excel at a particular sport and big colleges and universities want them.  Badly.

They get all excited at the prospects, go visit campuses, meet coaching staffs,  meet upperclassmen, etc.  Then they find out the academic requirements of their schools of choice and it's all, "Uh oh..."  Enter the private tutor.

I'm not sure how many students in this category I've taught, but I can say that each one of them has been a delight to work with.  They have all been hard-working, conscientious, disciplined,and suprisingly humble. 

They didn't come into it looking for shortcuts or ways to "beat the system".  They focused on the task at hand, looked to me as their coach, asked good questions, and did everything I asked of them.  I've concluded that it's these traits that helped them be in the position of highly sought athletes in the first place.

I know that "jocks" often get a bad rap, and I know that not every one is like the students - no strangers to the sports highlights -  I've been fortunate enough to work with.  But when they get in touch with me down the line and say, "I made it!", THAT is the highlight for me.


terri said...

Ah, that is just proof that you are doing something you're meant to do. No wonder they succeed under your tutelage. You care.

Not many are as fortunate to enjoy what they do for a living the way you do.

Happy New Year, Abby!

CiCi said...

You are such an interesting person with much to share. I find it interesting that you tutor athletes. Nice to hear the other side of the story, most times the athletes are painted as "dumb" and skating through with other people doing their work for them. You speak kindly of the students and their work ethics. I know it must be rewarding to hear from them later.

Enjoy your New Year weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great post. The opportunity to encourage a teachable young person is a highlight and a delight.

Rock Chef said...

It does feel good to know that you have been able to make a difference, doesn't it? One of the best things about working in education!

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a football fan, but I love baseball. Is spring here yet?
Sounds great about your students. I'm sure your support means a lot to them.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

What a wonderful, noble highlight! Nice illo, too :)

Anonymous said...

A strong and beautifully graphic image. I like the dramatic cropping, too. Happy New Year, Abby!