Wednesday, December 28, 2011

twenty twelve

This year, it's "Gardens East and West".  There have been countless others - most I can't remember.  I've gotten one every Christmas for the last 20+ years.

The desk calendar.  From my stepmother-in-law. 

I don't use desk calendars.  I used to, though.  Back when I was a working girl and had a working girl desk, the desk calendar was a handy tool for me to communicate with coworkers who would stop by my cubicle and find it vacant.  They could look at my desk calendar and possibly get an idea of where I was.  If there was no appointment showing on the desk calendar, it was safe to assume that I was in the break room / in the restroom / in a lab / bumming the halls / saw them coming and ducked out to purposely avoid them.

I am not anti-desk calendar.  I just don't have a use for one as I consider clear space on my desk a higher priority.  I haven't had a working girl desk in nearly 15 years, but the calendars keep coming.  I just can't bring myself to turn them off.   So I open them, I thank the stepmother-in-law, I put them in the goodwill box.

Let me just say that I have no qualms whatsoever about putting unwanted gifts in the goodwill box.  I am a chronic non-hoarder. Really, decluttering is one of my favorite hobbies.

And I suppose that putting a brand new desk calendar (every year) into the goodwill box counts as "regifting".  Like the other stuff I put into the box, I envision it going to someone who really loves desk calendars and can't believe their good fortune at finding a brand new one, still in the box, still in the shrinkwrap even!

So Mr./Mrs. desk calendar lover, whoever you are.  Enjoy "Gardens East and West".  Merry Christmas.

For today's NaBloPoMoWhat is more uncomfortable - regifting or returning a gift?


agg79 said...

I agree with your line of reasoning. I have gotten a fair share of desk calendars over the years, but don't really use them. I have a few wall calendars, but most are for show. I am kinda hooked on my outlook calendar to remind me of the important dates/events. Still, that did not stop me from buying a couple Golden Retriever Rescue calendars this year as gifts (the money goes to the group). Still, at least the in-laws were thinking of you and it was probably better than a fruitcake.

terri said...

My kids each received TWO desk calendars as gifts this year. Some were sports related, some were Sudoku challenges. One niece got a Food Network calendar that contained a recipe a day. It was the only time I've ever coveted someone else's calendar.

I get a Lang wall calendar every year from my parents. I now look forward to it simply because it's tradition and my mom always try to pick out something that is "me." She's hit or miss on that effort. Last year's calendar was so-so. This year's is cute and "me" - puppies and kittens!

CiCi said...

I have the calendar on my iMac and it emails a notice when the event is to happen. But I still like to hand write in the box on my wall calendar so I can see the whole picture or quickly find when I did something. I get calendars from the bank and other companies and pick the one with the photos I like. Interesting that you continue to receive the calendar each year, does your step-mother-in-law not know your preference?