Sunday, September 25, 2011

(return of) Silver Liningness

As alluded to a few days ago, I thought I should bring back the weekly "silver lining" entry.  No better time like the present...

First of all, I'm glad that it's officially fall - YAY, my favorite season.  Join me in a round of "Kill the Allergens, KILL the Allergens!!"

And with fall comes fall sports.  Yesterday, Wolfgang had a local cross-country meet, so it was the first race I'd attended this season.

It wasn't his best race, but it was unseasonably hot, and I had a feeling the times would be relatively slow.  Still, it was fun to watch him run.    There are a few more localish meets on the schedule that I'm looking forward to.

On a similar note, I had a sweet coupon and got these funny looking running shoes for myself last week:

The latest thing - this zigzag design.   My review-in-ten-words-or-less:  Comfy, fast, good for 10K or less.  We'll have fun together. 

Today, the older guys are out doing manly things.  Magnum, Chaco and Wolfgang are at a Hunter Safety course.  Magnum asked if I wanted to sign up too.  Uhm... no.  I'm all for preparing for the zombie apocalypse and all, but an all-day Hunter Safety class?  Uhm... no thanks.

So, it's just Meego and me today - bonding opportunity.  Like now?  While I'm on the internet and he's watching yet more of "Red v. Blue"??

Hmm... maybe I should go.


Judy said...

Ooh fun shoes! Very cool! Who cares how they feel when you run, haha!

agg79 said...

ZigZag shoes? Do they improve the mileage or make it easier on the feet? Let's see how long they hold up on the trail.

terri said...

I love fall too. I wish it would stay until spring.

I have to admit, I chuckled a little when you said it was fun to watch Wolfgang run. I remember watching Jake at his track meets and not getting the "fun" part. Maybe you have to be a runner to get it?

Love your new shoes! I see them everywhere these days. Curious to see if they end up being more than a fad.