Monday, August 15, 2011

day 1

School started this morning in our district. 

As such, I was out there, orange and early at my crossing guard post.  I arrived a few minutes earlier than usual because I know there are some gung ho "students" (a.k.a. PARENTS) that are really eager for the school year to get going and so hit the pavement early on the first day. 

It was a lovely late summer morning.  Sun was shining, birds were chirping, cars were speeding...  Like really speeding - moreso than the usual.  I know I was a bit rusty after the long summer layoff, but it really wasn't typical.  I looked up to the flashing school zone lights to my right - the ones right above the sign that reads "REDUCED  SPEED WHEN LIGHTS ARE FLASHING".

No flashing.

To my left...

No flashing. 

Okay, this was to be an interesting first day  morning.  There is no intersection here, there's just a light that is forever green until some obnoxious crossing guard or other pedestrian type pushes the button, so many drivers are not expecting to have to stop there.  It's rather unpleasant to be stopped when barrelling through at 45+ miles an hour. 

Despite this, the drivers did all obey my button pushing and big STOP sign (thank GOD!).  And I was somewhat expecting to witness a traffic incident with all the busses and cars going in and out of the school street, but people managed. 

I tried to call the school to alert them to the fact that the flashers weren't a-flashin'.

*ring*ring*... "Hello, you have reached Abby's neighborhood elementary school.  Our office is closed for the summer and will reopen August 2nd.  Thanks, and have a nice..."

The heck?

I tried again and got the same, so just let it ride.  It was a rush.  Literally.  Later on, in the safety of my home I tried , "... Thanks and have a... "

Oh sheesh.

day 1:  The Afternoon could be interesting


terri said...

I'm really thinking you probably don't get paid nearly enough to do that crossing guard job.

agg79 said...

"The lights aren't on and nobody's home"?

It always takes a few days after the summer break for things to get back to normal. Keep pushing the button and waving the sign.

brandy101 said...

wow. that was a gaffe. hope it gets fixed for everyone's safety!