Friday, August 12, 2011


Wow, Illustration Friday again already!  This week's prompt is "swell". 

I will confess that my mind first went to Adult Themes on that one (think about it, there are many), but I managed to keep it clean and just go with something that may cause unwanted swelling:  banana, orbs of ice cream meltage, a cherry...

Get your minds out of the gutter.


  1. Oh swell. You get a topic and get stuck on adult themes? What about ocean swells? Or perhaps a balloon? I will have to admit, I was with you at the outset, but you came up with a better (swell) idea.

  2. I am proud to say that my mind did not slip right into the gutter when I saw your title. I actually thought of Leave it to Beaver.

    "Would you like some ice cream, Beaver?"

    "Thanks, Mom! That would be swell!"

  3. p.s. Good lookin' ice cream!

  4. Looks delicious!

    In Victorian times, young women were discouraged from peeling and eating bananas. They were told it was unladylike, but were never told why!

  5. who comes up with the theme?

  6. At first I thought about how your belly might swell after eating such a yummy treat.

    Then I read on and my mind went in all directions!

    Ha ha!

  7. Pork chops and apple sauce.
    Gee. That's swell.
    (Brady Bunch)

  8. Ha ha, I too struggled with keeping my thoughts innocent! I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I really want ice cream now, great illustration!