Saturday, January 29, 2011

the week that wuz

Boy, this last week went by fast. I've got that new job, which I'm enjoying. We've been doing plenty of organizing and administrative ducks-in-a-row type stuff so I will get to work with kids more as time goes on. The organizing and administrative type stuff isn't so fun, but everyone there is really friendly and welcoming.

Then I got a call from my dad on Wednesday. He hardly ever calls, so when he does I almost don't want to answer. Sure enough, my mom had collapsed and was in the hospital.

Well, she is 83. Turns out it was an infection that weakened her. She's in the hospital about an hour's drive away from me. The hospital in my hometown thought it was an issue with her heart, so they shuffled her off. Yes, my little bodunk hometown does have a working hospital - being sex change capitol and all.

Anyways, she's still there, hopefully on the mend, but needing to get her strength back. And I'm also a bit worried about my dad, being left to his own devices. Mom being out of town only adds to the difficulty. My 86-year-old dad doesn't drive outside the little bodunk town, so they are only talking on the phone with one another.

At least this isn't a financial hardship for them as they've always been very responsible in insuring themselves and such. But I guess this is a taste of "the sandwich generation", wanting to do more for them, but needing to also meet the needs of my family here at home.



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  2. I hope that your mom recovers and is back with your dad quickly. I emphathize with your crisis. Parents are getting older but you still have your family to deal with. It's hard dealing with problems on both ends. Good luck and I wish you well.

  3. Beautiful photograph! May God provide a full recovery for your mother!

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom's illness. I hope she's feeling better and back home again soon.

  5. Hope your mom is back home soon. I worry about my parents like that - taking care of them while taking care of the family...

  6. Sending good vibes for your mom's speedy recovery!

  7. I've been thinking of you & your family these past few days; hoping for speedy recovery for your mom and less stress for everyone.