Monday, January 24, 2011


I mentioned a bit about my weekend of consumerism, which included purchasing a new pair of running shoes. We can tell that Agg79 is a fellow runner since he curiously commented as to how many pairs I go through in a year.

I provide the scientific answer of, "Gee, I dunno".

BUT the question made me curious too, so I did a little calculating. I typically replace them after 300 to 400 miles (yes, I keep track). Last year, I ran just over 1600 miles (YES, I DO keep track), so that nets me about 5 pairs a year. Sounds about right, I'm going with 5 pairs. Gosh, that's like a new pair of shoes every two and a half months! Mom should be proud.

In somewhat-related-but-kinda-not-really news, Jack Lalanne died over the weekend at the ripe age of 96. I for one can remember turning on the old black and white TV from my childhood to find Jack Lalanne getting fit and motivating the viewers to get off their butts. Yes, there was life before "Biggest Loser". Nice guy, that Jack Lalanne.

May he rest in peace.



agg79 said...

Momma mia. Thatsa lotta shoes!
I don't put as much mileage on mine and I tend to hang on to my way past their prime. I do have a new set in the rotation, but still use the old ones for GP use.

It's sad to see Jack go. He was a icon of morning TV well before any of the new reality shows. Great man.

brandy101 said...

We were talking about Jack last the context of "maybe we should start juicing again"

I'm dusting it off, bringing it down from the attic and hubby & I are doing straightforward fresh OJ this weekend.

I just have to remember to buy a bag of oranges!

terri said...

That's a lotta shoes, but it seems justifiable, so go forth and buy shooz!

Scott said...

I didn't know Jack Lalanne had died. I remember seeing him a few years ago, on a late-night talk show (Letterman, I think)--and being amazed at what he could do at that age, and what condition he was in. There are alot of elderly people, I must admit, who are in far better physical condition than I.

Anita said...

I gotta get some new running shoes very soon. I'll be training for what's become my annual 10k.

I should probably average 2 pair per year, but...

Anyway, thanks for the reminder and the motivation.

Put me in t he Jack Lalanne memory club, too.

Anna said...

Wow, that's a lot of shoes and a lot of miles! I'm impressed by both (I'm still getting the hang of running distances, and I loathe shoe shopping!).

Judy said... shoes are about 3 years old...maybe I should consider getting some more - someday.