Saturday, January 22, 2011

What about now? WHAT ABOUT TODAY?!?

Oh, actually, I'm not feeling stressed or any of that, it's just I couldn't think of a title and that song was on the radio so....

But it's been a while, feels like anyways. Well, this WAS first week on that new job, so I was adjusting to the new schedule. I think I've adjusted. So far, I'm liking the job and anxious to be done being a newbie. I'm also liking having evenings and weekends off. Happy saturday!

Today, we got some shopping done. Wolfgang wanted a light table for a school project, which caused the light to go off in MY head --> ART TOY! We got one.

Another stop was to get a video game store gift card, purchased from a girl who clearly has a tattoo addiction.

Image of tattoo guy using a light box --->
I'm nothing if not a consolidator of imagery!

Chaco was with us, and while we were out, I needed some new running shoes, so we stopped to get me some. I was making my decision when Wolfgang appeared, asking if I was ready yet. "Not yet", I told him. "First I have to lace these up and totally embarrass you by running around the store".

"No, I'll just walk away and act like I don't know you", he pragmatically replied.

Party pooper.

<-- Image of the shoes I got. Not my feet/legs.
I'm nothing if not an adept user of googled images.

I did demo a burst of speed along the back wall of the store, wherein Chaco attempted a body block. Apparently, he's all for public familial embarrassment. Good times.

Now I know what I've been missing all those saturdays when I was at work.


Scott said...

Nice shoes!

terri said...

Good to hear you enjoyed your Saturday so much! Sounds very productive. Now you can also get used to the Sunday night blues like the rest of us... where you start thinking how you have to get up early the next day to go to work!

brandy101 said...

Art toys, and tats, and shoes, OH MY!

agg79 said...

Oooh nice, new shoes! Hope they make the mile go by faster. But now I'm curious - how many do you go through in a year?

Anita said...

I had to "convince" my daughter to run around the track at the show store when we bought her last pair of sneakers...oops, I mean, running shoes.

I see that I'm missing those "boy" antics. :)

Enjoy your new Art toy. Wolfgang won't mind. :)

Anna said...

Ooooh, light box!

Judy said...

New shooooooos!!! I like 'em! I just invested in a few pair this week myself. Of course, none of them were running shoes...that would imply that I run (and that only happens if someone/thing is chasing ME!).