Saturday, January 1, 2011

celebración de frío

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all safe and warm and not having (too many) regrets over anything that transpired last night.

Our New Year's eve was pretty low-key. Just the family, and it was pretty cold out, so we stayed in for most of the evening...

Except for, of course, Midnight Mile 2011! Yes the first mile of the year has been logged

It was a cold one - temperatures were around 2 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit - I'm just gonna say 5 and call it good. There was fresh snow and a bit of drifting here and there, but an invigorating New Year's welcome all around with no frostbite that I know of or twisted ankles, chipped teeth, etc.

There were noticably less revelers out at midnight this year compared to years past, but still a few fireworks going off all around.

I only got one photo from "the midst" of it. I think the camera wasn't liking the cold. We did manage to get some shots after the completion. Note that Chaco did NOT run in a mere t-shirt, but he'd already stripped down by the time all the stragglers were in.

On a bit of a regretful note, our local AdAmAn climbers did not make it to the top of Pikes Peak for the midnight fireworks show. This has been a tradition since 1922, and no one could remember it ever being called off. Apparently, though, while we low-landers were tolerating the cold and snow, the conditions above tree line were dangerous enough to halt the climb and the show within a mile of the top.

There's always next year! Now back to my resolution making....



terri said...

Congrats on another successful New Year's Eve run! I can't believe Chaco is hanging out in a t-shirt in those cold temperatures! Brrr! Why don't kids ever seem to feel cold?

Happy New Year, Abby!

agg79 said...

Kudos on starting out the new year with a run. I still like the video clip like last year. Way better that I did this year. Hope nothing froze off in those temps. Chaco's pretty brave for going short sleeved in that weather.

Ah, to be yound and stupid again...

Anita said...

I would LOVE to change my first minutes of a new year by running into it. I'll have to ask around, or Google, to see if anyone close by has such an event.
Glad you and the fellas had fun!