Saturday, January 1, 2011

a January list

Okay, so I've been thinking it over and have come up with a few resolutions for 2011:

I will gain weight.
Well, perhaps not "gain", but I'm just trying to rearrange things a bit. A couple three years ago or so, I started doing strength training to do something about my lack of upper body strength and noodle arms. I think maybe they're a little less noodly, but still...

I will drink more.
Remember when Magnum and I started drinking red wine every day? Remember? Again, this was a couple three years ago or so. Supposedly drinking red wine, in moderation, is good for you. Something about antioxidants I think. Anyways, we became winos and were doing quite well with it, but somewhere along the way, we fell onto the wagon. Really, I just got lazy and didn't always make it to the liquor store to keep us regularly stocked. A few weeks ago, I discovered 3 bottles of wine in our stash, so we're back off the wagon, but we've been clearly failing as alcoholics. As I type this, I realize we forgot our daily wine imbibe yesterday (that beer doesn't count).

I will work harder, not smarter.
I've already discussed this recently and don't want to rehash it all again, but I'm cutting back on the night-class teaching. That 10-hour-a-week crossing guard job will help to alleviate my urge to accept every class and tutoring opportunity that pops up on my radar.

I will volunteer less.
This is Meego's last year of elementary school, and I really want to offload my volunteer responsibilities there. I've got a wonderful woman who has naively signed on to co-chair Run With Lumber with me this year, and then insanely take it over next year! She's got the right personality for it, and her kids are young, so she's in it for the long haul. It's nice to know that it will be in good hands. She's a military wife, though. They BETTER not move! As far as PTO treasurer goes - anyone who can balance a checkbook can be a PTO treasurer. Not losing sleep over that one.

Allrighty then, let's go with it.


agg79 said...

Good resolutions. You gotta prioritize things in life.
Drink more - I would not label you as failing alcholics, you're just not trying hard enough. It takes discipline.

Volunteer less - I concur, but I don't think you can let it go. Remember, Run with Lumber is coming up again this year. And there is always that serving line spot open for you...

terri said...

I think you're probably one of very few people who have resolved to GAIN weight and drink MORE. I wish you well in those endeavors.

And good planning sloughing off the volunteer duties a year early. That way you can leave those things behind guilt-free!

brandy101 said...

Excellent list, Abby!

I'm not resolving to do anything but get over this virus thing. After that, more exercise, more fruit and veggies.

I think I'm also going to let go of some volunteer stuff, specifically at church. I'm chair of a council and the work is really stressing me out - plus I recruited 3 new guys with lots of energy/enthusiasm, so I think I'll bow out after our May event.

Whodat? said...

While you're at it, maybe eat more fast food (it's cheap!), walk/run/bike less (keeps the vehicle's battery charged!), and spend less time with your kids (give 'em a chance to appreciate you more).

Adam said...

Sounds like some good resolutions. I've got to get strength training myself...maybe the gym at the college will take me...

I never cared much for wine, but if that's your thing, it'd be a good idea to get those antioxidants.

Stay on your wagon, and I'll try to stay on mine :P

Anita said...

I've seen signs of these resolutions coming in your past posts.

Don't think I've seen three of your resolutions on other people's Jan. 1 posts. Hmmm... Come to think of it, I haven't seen the "less volunteering" one either. :)

Keep us updated with a progress report here and there.

Judy said...

Hear hear on the drinking! Sounds like a plan! I could use one today myself (yaaaaay for preschoolers).

As for the midnight run, it is 62 degrees here and I have on my down-filled coat INSIDE the house.

Welcome to Texas (and freaky Texans).

Deirdre said...

I like it. Good luck!!

Scott said...

Gain weight, drink more--sounds good to me!

I can't handle red wine though--tears my stomach up! And I can just barely handle white wine. About the red wine for your heart though--I read a column in which a doctor wrote that you can get the same benefit of red wine eating red grapes. He explained that it's not the red grapes themselves that benefit your heart, it's the skin of the red grapes. So if you want to avoid alcohol, just eat a small bunch of red grapes each day (they must be red though).