Wednesday, December 15, 2010

just a ramble

Okay, remember when I was all busy with class sessions and tutor students and internet troubles and Spanish lessons and everything?

Well, the class ended, the tutor students ended, the internet troubles ended. At least I'll always have Spanish lessons.

I've been thrown into reflective mode now that I've got the time. See, I like my job, as in I like WHAT I do. But, I don't particularly like WHEN I do it. The "when" being evenings and/or weekends. The nature of our classes is such that our students typically work or go to school during the day, so our classes are offered on evenings and weekends. Not so good for la familia

I had a little chat with my boss, who was very understanding and helpful, and I'm cutting back my hours.

I want a day job. A part-time, fun, fulfilling, purposeful day job. That pays. I've been reading a career counseling type book from the library, and that's been helpful. Mostly it's been helpful showing me what I don't want to be doing.

Truth be told, material wealth isn't high on my list of priorities. Really, just ask my neighbors. But apparently, I like to be kept busy doing something that's of use to SOMEBODY.

In the meantime, my house is (relatively) clean and the dog is much walked.


terri said...

Seems as if you've had a pretty important revelation and you've got your priorities in order. Good for you for recognizing what is important and taking steps to make it happen!

Judy said...

Priorities are always important, and it is equally important to always revisit them and re-prioritize things if needed. You're doing a good job of that.

Maybe you could be a dog-walker? Or the milkman stalker? Do you still have your milkman?

agg79 said...

I admire your sense of priority. No amount of money can buy you happiness or family time. I think you already have a good handle on life and hope you find something that inspires and gives you more time to enjoy the family. Good luck on your search.

And I'm sure the dog doesn't mind the extra attention.

Unknown said...

I hope you can find a job that fulfils the day!

brandy101 said...

I am glad I eased back into working with my little 1-hour a day gig. It interferes with nothing and I feel like my weekday is (because it HAS to be) more organized now.

I would LOVE if they had a position as a part-time library assistant. OMG, that would be a dream gig - but they seem to have plenty of volunteers for that (even though reshelving is truly no fun at all.)

I'll do more lunchroom/playground stuff next year if they offer it to me. I think I'm honing in on the fact that the "stressful" part of any job are other adults. Since I mostly am with just the kids, I don't have any of that nonsense - and if someone DOES give me a rough time, I can give a 5 -minute recess time-out! :)

That said, I think I would not mind something clerical, as long as I mostly worked on my own. Filing, data entry, organizing paperwork, etc.