Friday, December 17, 2010

it's a start

Or is it a "STOP!"

I got a little part-time job today. Our elementary school needs a crossing guard, to start after the New Year. I dressed in my loudest clothing and applied.

I now just need to complete the paperwork and get officially trained, and the big flashy stop sign thing and bright orange vest are mine. I'm actually quite looking forward to it.

See, this isn't just some little neighborhood street like in the kids' books. I will be reigning terror on a 5-lane, 40 m.p.h. BOULEVARD, baby! I will OWN it for approximately 2 hours a day. All these years of pent up bicycle commuter traffic frustration are about to surface.

As expected, it doesn't pay a whole heckuva lot. But like I told Magnum:

"No vamos a ser ricos, pero voy a ejercer un poder mucho más!"
(He's doing the learn-spanish thing too, so we speak it to each other, it's hawt.)

Translation: "We won't be rich, but I will wield much power!"

Bring it.


agg79 said...

Or how about "¡Yo no puedo ser rico, pero poseo esta calle!"

Don't ever let someone sell you short. Have fun with the new job and keep those violators in line.

terri said...

Or how about "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" ... oh wait... nevermind.

Sounds like the perfect job to give you more time with the family. Go keep those drivers in line!

Whodat? said...

I ride past a short, plump crossing guard every day on the way to work.
Now, I will think of you (in the cabesa).

Anna said...

Hee - that's awesome! I wish I was able to wear brightly coloured clothing to my job...

brandy101 said...

Yay! Another p/t "keep the kids safe" worker like me!!!

That sounds challenging - hope you stay safe and get the respect those drivers should give you!!!