Thursday, June 10, 2010

what about the van?

We're planning a little road trip. Nothing major, just a getaway to have it officially feel like summer.

So as I brush the cobwebs off of our big butt van, I'm thinking it needs a little personality. The best road trip vehicles are vans, of course, and the more personality the better.

Our van is just your basic monocolored Econoline. No curtains, no Christmas lights, no outer embellishments.

Maybe it needs a little customization to make it more roadtrip worthy?

Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe...

Or how about...

Okay, maybe not.



  1. An Eddie Van Halen van? I like! DO IT!

  2. That van is waaay cool. No way in heck would the spouse allow something like that; will have to wait until the offspring are of driving age, at which point I can accusingly point to them (which is how I acquired all my camping gear!).

  3. Oooh, yeah...bring on the EVH!

    We looked into renting a van for our cross-continental road trip in a bit, but the rental companies loooooooove their vans. To rent the lovely minivan would cost us $200 more a week than the full-size Impala (or comprable vehicle). So, we're full-size carring it.

  4. I keep trying to talk hubby into getting us a big butt van. There's 9 of us, and the 7 passenger mini van isn't cutting it! He says no way is he getting a big van, but maybe if I showed him yours...Yours is pretty cool :)

  5. I know, I know! Vans ARE the best road trip vehicles EVAHHHHH!!!!

    Yeah, I need ot really turn mine into the full-on Barbie Beach Bus that it is. I wish it had a bit more gusto - ours is only a V-6 under the hood. Boo :( (but YAY for half-decent MPG)

  6. Nothing spells classy like fuzzy dice.

    Of course, you could always upgrade to the waterbed in the back...