Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hairy carey

I'm not a fan of the mohawk. Y'know, the hairdo.

There's a certain small window of age where it's okay in my opinion. Late teens to early twenties maybe.

"mohawked shadow boxer"

Anything outside that window, and they bug me. I don't like seeing little kids with mohawks. Makes them look like trouble. Older guys with mohawks? Hmm mm.

I have a mom friend at the elementary school. She had a mohawk for a good two years. She's a total butch, and for the longest time, before I got to know her, I (and many others) just assumed she was one half of a two-mom couple. Turns out she's married to a not-too-shabby guy. So much for appearances. When I did get to know her, she explained that she'd lost a bet. The mohawk was the consequence. She gave her old hair to those wigs for cancer. So then, why not just let it grow out?, I queried. Well, she started having fun with it. She'd dye it for school activities. Green for St. Patrick's Day, hot pink for Valentine's day, etc. Soon, she was known as the volunteer mom with the neon hair.

So my neighbor, Neighbor Flanders (no, she didn't get a mohawk). She and her family were gone for about a week on a little vacation. She has 4 boys. One of them is Chaco's age, and he came home from the vacation sporting a mohawk.

Now this kid is a good kid. Hard working, pious, responsible, gets good grades... I can honestly see him being a pastor some day. So the mohawk, I nearly didn't recognize him. He said, "It started out as an accident".

He was giving himself a haircut, and one side was shorter than the other. He kept trying to even the sides up and... well...

So I'm getting over my hairdo prejudice. Could just be a lost bet, or a charitable act, or just a home haircut gone bad.

Or maybe they just want to try something new. Like young Flanders, I'm thinking. I'm thinking he likes it.


terri said...

If they were more accepted in polite society, I would consider a mohawk. Think how easy they are to care for. Just get some heavy duty sticky hair gel and stick that baby up every day. Shave the sides every once in a while for maintenance and call it good.

brandy101 said...

Ugh, I absolutely hate seeing little guys with 'hawks. Its awful. If you make a mistake, do a crew cut, let it grow out and start over down the road.

agg79 said...

At this point in my life, hair is not as important as it once was. A lot of people are getting their heads shaved for various reasons/causes and I think your volunteer mom is a good sport. Mohawks are amusing to me. Now, mullets are another matter altogether...