Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You know how when friends go on a trip? Then they come back and bore you with stories and photos? Let's do!

Yes, we just got back from our first road trip of summer. Did some camping, some hiking, some museuming, some fishing, some swimming, some general getting on each others' nerving... all in "The Land of Enchantment"... oooooooooohhhhhh, (uhm... that would be New Mexico)

The menfolk, playing with their weenies

Wolfgang, under a B-52

Me and da bomb (replica of Fat Man)

Meego and Magnum at the top of Mt. Capulin Volcano.

So many fisherman... so little fish

McDonalds, I'm lovin' it, even in the middle of nowhere.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Mt. Capulin was very cool despite being SO high up. I'm glad I didn't know about the height factor beforehand - wimpy acrophobe that I am.

And we just totally geeked out at the Nuclear Museum.

And I mean totally.

Wish you were there.


  1. That was not boring! I found it very intriguing. And also... "playing with their weenies." He he he he! You're funny!

  2. that bomb scares the cr*p outta me! yikes!

  3. Way cool! I've spent a few summer (& winter) vacations in the Land of Enchantment and had a blast!

    There are a ton of great places to explore! And they do have a few more hills & mountains than we have down on the coast. White Sands, Gila, Carlsbad, Taos, Red River, Rosswell, Cimarron. And my all time favorite scout ranch - Philmont. I've been to the Capulin Volcano with the scout troop - great spot/view.

    Sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Being someone from the east coast who is more inundated with Civil War and Revolutionary War type history, I am quite fascinated with mountains and geek type museums...although we have that here, too.
    Glad you included the links so that I knew you were in NM. :)
    Hope you'll have more opportunities to enjoy that kind of fun with your family this summer.

  5. You standing next to "Fat Man" offers a lesson in contrast. :-)

  6. I like New Mexico but we are going back up to Platte Springs this weekend.

  7. I didn't get a picture next to fat man when i was there. I didn't want to label it and cause confusion.

    Do people use yurts in the summer?