Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello, Friday! Illustration Friday that is. I missed last week's fun since we were on our road trip, but am back in the illustration saddle. This week's prompt is "paisley".

I'm not particularly a fan of paisley when it comes to fashion. It conjures up images of "hippie" types, smelling of patchouli. Also, most times when I see paisley designs, they remind me of amoeba and other single-celled organisms.

The paisley bandana, however, is a fun versatile little accessory. I personally always keep one handy when camping and/or hiking. It's a hat/hair tamer! It's a hanky! It's a cool offer! It can even be a water filter in a survival situation!

Or in this case, a big guy's do-rag.


  1. indeed those hankies are handy. i believe the hippies got the paisley theme from India,,,, it is much older than our hippies. I love the simplicity of this with the colorful bandana and background.

  2. Hey! Those paisley bandanas serve a lot of purposes. Sweat bands, waer filers, pot holder, medical triage, trail towel. After two weeks on the trail, I have a better appreciation for their utility. Love the simpliciy & utility.

  3. Oh dear! I think I am one of those hippie types! But I still do love your drawing.

  4. He looks like one happy do-ragged guy!