Tuesday, June 8, 2010

day 2

It's been just over a month since our last big snowstorm. Really, I went into the archives and checked. And I do remember that we've had some snow since then too.

Well, yesterday, we broke the record for high temperature. It got up to 96 new-record degrees. ACK, I'm dealing with this weather moodiness as best I can. It was a pleasantly breezy 60 degrees this morning. A lovely run I had, yes I did.

Okay, enough talk about the weather. I see this is "Day 2" of the seige summer. Yes, the kids were officially released from school last Wednesday. Yes, there wasn't a whole lot of schoolness in the days just prior to that. But I was still with the busy work schedule last week, so for me, summer break didn't really start until yesterday.

So yesterday we made some lists. One, a fun list. Two categories: "Adventures" and "Projects". Oh, I can't wait to begin! The other, a not-so-fun list?

See, I think my kids have been slacking on the helping-out-around-the-housery. I'm cracking down. We listed things that need to be done daily as well as weekly. Then we made a third category, which I labeled "$pecial" - to indicate that they would actually get paid for doing things from that category - and also to indicate that they would NOT be getting paid for the other two categories *cackles evilly*.

So far, it's working wonderfully, and the household is running like a well-oiled machine.

The floors are swept, and in some cases, mopped(!). Lawn's mowed. Weeds were pulled. Car was washed, vacuumed, and is set for a morning waxing today. In all this zeal, China the crazy dog underwent two good rubdowns and rinsings.

Who are these children?


Judy said...

We are doing much of the same thing, but on a smaller scale (smaller children = smaller scale). While Travis is eager to learn to mow the yard, Tyler (at 5 years) isn't quiiiiiiiite there. His chores are more wiping and folding towels.

brandy101 said...

The floor was mopped? MOPPED?!

Can you spare a dutiful kid (or two) this summer? My kitchen and basement floors are disastrous!