Saturday, April 24, 2010

let it go, let it go, let it go

Okay, I'm officially tired of snow now.

Chaco took this picture yesterday... YESTERDAY. April freaking 23rd! I went out to shovel SNOW off of the deck, and Chaco was home because there was NO SCHOOL on account of SNOW.

But I'm optimistic. Run With Lumber is scheduled for Tuesday. I've got a closet full of root beer and cups and flashy light things that are just dying to be off-loaded. It will be a beautiful spring day.

Still, I don't think I'll switch out the snow tires on the van just yet...

In other news, I haven't seen either of the the duffle bag duo this week. Watch, they're probably finished with whatever mysterious activity they were up to, and I'll never know what it was!


Wendy said...

The weather this year is just ridiculous!! I'm not complaining though because we are having a fabulous spring, very unusually warm temps. And we're in Canada, where snow on April 23 is usually not that abnormal. You better not send it here!

terri said...

You have the strangest weather patterns there!

We have been enjoying beautiful spring weather, but I'll bet that means a really dry summer since the snow was gone for good relatively early.

Hope the weather cooperates for Run with Lumber!

Scott said...

It's beautiful! Send it this way!
I rode my bicycle after midnight tonight (as I mentioned it's already too hot here during the day), and it was very warm--almost hot! I've always wondered why the Creator doesn't equalize the temperatures on this planet! I think it's simply because this planet was not designed for humans, specifically (all the other animals are made to withstand whatever temperatures they experience). But I also wonder if it's because it gives us humans something to talk about! Really, if we couldn't talk about the weather, we'd have no icebreaker (no pun intended) at all!

agg79 said...

I would have thought that spring had landed up there by now. Hope the snow melts by Tuesday and the weather is more cooperative.

Good luck with the run. I'm sure everyone be flashing.