Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I realized a while back that there are some accents I just don't like. It doesn't matter what the person is saying, the voice, the accent, make it stop!

I'm not sure why this is. Does it make me prejudiced in some way?

(Okay, this blog post is a bit of a confession..)

For instance, I realized I do not like James Dobson's voice. His accent. James Dobson - he's that Focus on the Family guy. Focus on the Family is based here in Colorado Springs. Some people don't like James Dobson. They say he should just Focus on his own D*mn Family! I don't really care, let him have his ministry. I just can't stand his VOICE!

His voice comes on the radio every now and then. ACK, it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me! Seriously, if I were to be tortured, just turn on non-stop James Dobson and I'll spill everything!

What really bugs me? It's the way he pronounces words that end in "-ive" by pronouncing it "-eev". Like "active", he says "acteev". Isn't that grating?! I know!

He might have some good advice, but I just can't deal.

On the other hand, take the Aussie accent. On Sunday I was out running and I literally ran into a bunch of people playing, of all things, rugby. What? Rugby, yeah, that's what I said. Really, there must've been about 100 people in this rugby madness.

In the midst of it all, I heard a few Aussie accents here and there: "All Rot, mates...", "Avery wone get a tay shut?", etc...

The Aussie accent has a rather playful sound. Sounds like beer during high school.

I wanted a tay shut.


  1. It's like that game, Mad Gab.

    A tay-shut? tay-shut? I had to say it over and over.

    It must have been a warm morning if everyone was getting a tay-shut!

  2. Makes me wonder if you'd survive the Yooper's

  3. I know an Aussie who thinks Americans are pretty much full of themselves. "Just because you ween the SuperBowl doesn't make you "Wuld Chaympion? 'ello! They's no-one else plying thet game, mate?"

    Oh yeah, most of them are "up-talkers" ending most sentences as if they're questions.

  4. Your Dobson example is funny. Coincidentally, I read something that another blogger said about him concerning his Christmas store boycott. She wasn't happy. We don't hear too much about him here on the central east coast - unless he just happens to make the national news, "may-ate." That's my Aussie version of mate. :)

  5. a t-shirt?
    I had to say "tay shut" with an American accent, before I could figure out what that was.

    I'm an aussie.

    no worries, may-ate.