Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silver Liningness Sunday

Well it was Thanksgiving week after all, double thankfulness!

We all had the week off, and no nutty in-laws visitors scheduled to come out, and no schedules to meet. This was nice. We just sort of played.

Earlier in the week, we decided to go visit a small nearby zoo since it was a nice day out. Despite the lovely weather, the zoo was not crowded at all, so we could embarrass ourselves with mostly just the animals being aware of it.

The kids and some birds, not to be mistaken with the dead bird we ate on Thanksgiving.

We also got in a fair amount of hiking and general playing-outside time, foregoing the coochie-coochie-in-the-car time.

Watched a coupla DVD's: Coraline, which is pretty weird and The Big White ,which was fun and better than I expected it would be.

And, in light of the headlines that won't go away, I am thankful to just be a boring wife and mom on a budget, in contrast to being a supermodel married to a golf legend. Not that I ever came close to being either...


terri said...

Personally, I think spending time with the relatives just adds to the stress level on the holidays. I think everyone should just follow your lead and have relaxed, stress-free holidays without the wacky in-laws.

brandy101 said...

our long weekend went surprisingly well; got many tasks done around the house/yard and made good use of turkey.

agg79 said...

I'd prefer boring and frugal over flashy golf club carrying supermodels.

Spending time over the holidays with the family can be hazardous to one's mental health.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

That comment about the birds gave me really strange mental images of roast parrot centerpieces on a table. Surrounded by teeny, tiny roast apples, or some such thing.

Sounds like a lovely time though!

Judy said...

Mmmm...your holiday weekend sounds MUCH more relaxing than mine. Glad you got to enjoy some of the finer things in life (your family!).

Anita said...

Ouch! lol

Yeah, I much prefer the boring wife and mom routine too. :)

Nice family time for you.