Thursday, December 3, 2009

oh, here we go

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, there was that Thanksgiving feast thing at the elementary school. I mostly served up stuffing and gravy, but was allowed to go eat with Meego during his feasting time.

Honestly, I may not have even gone if not for the hash slinging duty. I mean, the food's good and all, but bottom line, you're still eating in an elementary school cafeteria. My ears were honestly ringing afterwards, like I'd attended a rock concert. And Meego gets more of a kick out of me pulling lunch lady duty than me actually sitting and eating with him. But sit and eat with him I did.

Now these are 4th graders. Nine or ten years old. A good bulk of the conversation of those whose parents were not in attendance centered around the various "relationships" in this soap opera that is 4th grade.

Who's "dating" who. Who's broken up because of who was "cheating" with whom. Who is broken up over the break up. Etc., etc. All this and the noise level did not make for healthy digestion.

"La la la, one-two-three, la la la...." I offered while plugging my ears with my fingers and looking at the ceiling - wanting to provide a mature example. All to no avail as the drama continued.

This was mostly girl-talk, and the boys who were sitting nearby would involuntarily get roped in. Try as they might to change the subject, those girls were on a roll.

One girl sitting next to me, Lea, pretty much ignored the others. Lea is a neighbor of ours and has been friends with Meego since first grade. She's cute and precocious for her mere 9 years. She and Meego spend a lot of time together at school as they both go to the TAG reading and math teacher in addition to being in the same class.

Lea often walks home with us as she lives right around the corner. I notice that Meego acts a little differently around Lea than he does around his manly guy friends. More "chivalrous" is the best way to describe it.

A few days ago, I overheard Lea tell Meego that a classmate, Olive, liked Meego. Meego said nothing in response and Lea made an additional statement to confirm the first. Then Meego made a comment about Olive that was not what I would call slanderous, but was a round about declaration that he did not have mutual feelings for Olive. (I will note that Olive wore a rockin' Laura Croft costume for the Halloween party!)

Lea dropped the subject of Olive and commenced to inviting Meego to her house to play racecar video games. The two of them continued off into the sunset, seemingly oblivious of me.

"La la la, one-two-three, la la la...."


terri said...

Relationships in 4th grade? Oh my.

There are a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boy upstairs in my living room right now. They are playing race car video games.

I wonder if I should go supervise...

agg79 said...

Just like Sgt Shutlz - I hear NOTHING. I see NOTHING.

Sometimes I am not sure I want to know the soap opera that goes on in school. Just glad my offspring is older.

terri - maybe they were practicing their "parking"...

Whodat? said...

I mentioned to my ex-award-winning elementary school teacher neighbor that I was surprised to learn my Jr High boys have never witnessed a knock down drag out fight on the playground. She said it's not the fighting that you have to watch out for; it's the promiscuity.

"...and the boys who were sitting nearby would involuntarily get roped in." Understatement of the Year.

Anita said...

My nine year old fourth grader is true to her age...immature.
But, I think I will find out what the cafeteria talk is anyway. :)

I'm with you on the noise level. Last time I was at the school having lunch with the little darling, I just stared in amazement at all the little (and not so little) creatures - making all that deafening noise!

Duble said...

hehe, pretty soon, you'll be a grandma abby normal, hehe, not pretty soon like tommorrow, but pretty soon in the grand scheme of things, i mean after earth if 4.something billion years old.

Judy said...

Okay, I'm sitting at the WRONG TABLE at lunch then, because none of Travis' fourth grade posse talks anything like this! I'm missing out on some smack here!

Travis has a friend like that, too - we all go to church together and they pal around everywhere...really cute. She's a keeper, but to Travis, she's just one of the gang.

I can always dream...(cuz she's a smart one! And cute! And has good family!).

Beej said...

Laura Croft rocks in every way.

Also, I finally caught up reading your blog yesterday. I feel so much better...and I'm not even kidding.