Friday, November 27, 2009

karma, I hope

Friday has arrived and it's been an extra-sleeping, extra-eating, extra-time-wasting, rip roaring good time of a week!

Really, we all had the entire week off - no work, no school for anybody here. We declined spending Thanksgiving with Magnum's sister and the other in-laws don't usually come out here in the colder months (thank GOD), so we've just been enjoying a lo-stress Thanksgiving week.

I'm not a regular "black Friday" participant, but I did get out into the fray earlier. Seems a little [censored] stole Chaco's winter jacket last week at school. I do believe in Karma, so there's comfort in that. Anyways, Chaco and I had planned to go jacket hunting today.

At about 10:45 this morning, I went into his room to roust him out of bed. You've seen those cartoons with teenagers sleeping into the middle of the day under piles of clothes and stuff? Those are real!!

Anyway, I jostled him about, told him I was going to walk the dog and that he should be ready to go jacket shopping when I got back in about 30 minutes.

"Mmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrr..." was the reply, which I'm sure translates to, "of course, sweet mother of mine".

The dog and I went out and enjoyed a lovely walk and I returned to find Chaco laying there in about the same position I'd left him in.

"DUDE! Gedddupareddy!", I sweetly reminded. To which he responded by laughing and emerging from the bed, fully showered, fully dressed and apparently fed.

Ha Ha. Very funny.

Anyway, we headed to Big 5. Found a nice winter jacket to replace the perfect-but-stolen winter jacket (karma... karma.... breathe... breathe...).

Note: There aren't any good Black Friday deals on winter jackets in late November in Colorado.


terri said...

My teenagers sleep like the dead under piles of blankets, pillows and clothing too. It's like trying to wake the dead!

Sorry to hear Chaco's jacket was stolen. I hope the Karma works it's magic soon on the culprit!

Judy said...

Can I borrow Chaco to teach my children how to sleep? They haven't caught on yet. Drives me NUTS that sleeping in at our house is anything after 6 a.m. Urgh.

Bummer about the coat - we have some dandies on sale here this weekend, but then again, we are in the land-o-tropics...

agg79 said...

It's called nesting. Animals, especially young male teenagers. like to burrow in and hibernate until past noon. That way they store up energy for all of their late night activities. BTW - they tend to do it even in their college years.

Winter coats go on sale down here around March. Now, if you want a deal on a good Hawaiian shirt, now's the time to strike!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I am an ignorant Australian who had to employ Google to find out what Black Friday shopping was (here Black Friday was a really scary lot of bushfires back in 1939). Consider me enlightened!

For me, Christmas shopping officially starts when exams are over, and I don't deviate from that rule (for the sake of my sanity!)