Friday, November 6, 2009


Oh poor poor blog! I've neglected you so this week!

*fluffs the bedding* *freshens water* *removes droppings*

It's been a busy and productive week, and the Friday arrived in a hurry. You do realize that Thanksgiving is now less than 3 weeks away for us United Statesians? So... who are you spending it with?

Or better yet, who you LIKE to spend it with? I started thinking about this when I visited Beej (who has been neglecting her blog even worse than I have) over at facebook (the "blog affair"?) and decided I'd like Christopher Walken to come on over. Shall we brainstorm a few others? Others who I've never spent any time with IRL, but am willing to give a whirl?

Maybe Drowning Pool? That might liven things up a bit. Then again, they'd probably really trash the place...

How about Eric Balfour? I mean, since we're just harmlessly brainstorming and stuff... heh... *ahem*

How about that Progressive Insurance girl?
She's so friendly. I bet she'd help to clean up too.

This guy, since Chaco seems to have taken an interest in Parkour, of all things. But mainly because he's French. We should have someone French over for Thanksgiving.



Beej said...

Facebook really DOES interfere with my blogging life. "Affair" might be a tad harsh. :-)

I definitely think Christopher Walken....and Johnny Depp.

And Jon Bon Jovi.

terri said...

That was a WEIRD commercial. Hmmm...

I'm inviting Christopher Meloni (Elliot from Law & Order) and Jeff Dunham. This covers my needs for sexy and humorous company.

Judy said... Her teeth? Ew.

I know what you mean about the alter-ego (aka Facebook)...makes blogging seem a bit passe (although I see the need for both, naturally).

I think I'm going to invite Patrick Dempsey to Thanksgiving dinner. Wait, that's quite a possibility...

Anna said...

I don't think that there is a person alive in the world today who doesn't love that music video with Christopher Walken dancing...