Monday, November 9, 2009

rounding second

Went shopping this morning to replenish all that was pilfered over the weekend. This is actually a pretty typical Monday event. What wasn't typical about my shopping today was the purchase of bras.

(okay, yes, possible TMI to follow)

I have long since resigned myself to the fact that I am not of the well-endowed. I'll actually confess to attempting some recommended exercises and even some herbal tea concoctions.

The exercises probably made me somewhat stronger, but didn't do much for the boob size. The tea? I dunno, I think "something" went on in there, they "felt" a little different, but the measuring tape read the same as before.

Okay fine.

They've served their purpose. Three babies somehow managed to fatten up from them, so I'm not really complaining.

But, recently I'd noticed that my current underthings had gotten pretty weathered. I can't even remember the last time I had new. So, it was off to the intimates department.

Omigosh, the selection. There seemed to be as many types and styles of bras as there are breasts to put in them. One of the benefits of being not of the well-endowed is I don't need all those extra supportive, separative, over-the-river-and-through-the-wood-ive accoutrements. Just enough to cover basic liability, thanks.

I searched rack after aisle after rack and finally, FINALLY, found some.

They were in the next department over. The "girls" section. Next to "women". I've got one on now, and admit that I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.

I think Miley Cyrus gets a cut.


brandy101 said...

LOL, wait a minute - you wear training bras?!?

I have problems with fit, too, as do most women, so I guess we are all in the great bra hunt together.

Abby said...

Brandy, I DID manage to graduate from training bras at least! Didn't collect too many "upper level" diplomas afterwards, though...

Anita said...

I'm in the barely B club, probably the same club you're in. And, concidentally, I need to make that dreaded trip too. Been putting it off for months. Thanks for the warning.

I also fattened up 3 kids, a combined 44 months, although a lot of those months, I was just supplying the choice beverage of the day instead of the sole nourishment. Afterall, the kids were eating french fries at 8 months old.

terri said...

I belong to this club too. And as much as I might complain that I wish I had more up top, I consider myself lucky when I hear other women complain about having to buy big ugly bras and not having enough support and all that.

And in case you're ever looking for something that provides a little extra something... try Victoria's Secret - Secret Embrace.

Anita said...

Good suggestion Terri ... will keep a mental note of it.

Unknown said...

I have long since resigned myself to the fact that I can't win with bras. I'm a 12B, which is apparently the most common bra size in the country, which means that my size is never in stock.

It's sort of the opposite of what I have with my freakishly large feet - you can never find size 11 shoes either, because so many places don't stock them. Can't win!

Obviously the way to go is to be not average size, but not be too extreme either - just slightly off from the norm! Glad you found something you liked anyway!

Judy said...

I got big old deflated balloons residing somewhere on my frontal section, thanks to losing 60 pounds. Guess where the weight comes off first! Lovely!

I shop for bras (rarely) on the clearance racks. If one isn't there for me, then I must not need one bad enough.

agg79 said...

What no guys commenting here? I'm sure it is not for a lack of words. Unfortunately, I cannot offer up any helpful advice from the male side of the pool without being considered crass.

Everyone should just be grateful for what the lord has bestowed upon us. However, Man boobs are NOT an attractive option.