Wednesday, November 11, 2009

call of duty

Duu-huuude, get ur copy of Modern Warfare 2?

Yeah, that's where I was yesterday... at the local GameStop store. Apparently, this was a big deal release

And I actually knew it was coming. I don't play video games, but they live in my home. I knew this was coming because Chaco purchased his "ticket" for the game several weeks ago.

And then he marked it on the calendar.

And then he programmed his calculator to countdown to the moment it would be available.

He forgets to turn in homework and yet, he marks the release of a video game on the calendar and writes a program regarding it? *sigh*

He reminded me several times in the days leading up to The Event that we would be going to the store right after school on Tuesday. See, it's rated "M", so for someone under 17 to get it, they have to have an accompanying parental type person there to say, "okay". Now, like I said, I don't play video games, but Magnum does and he says it's okay, so I get GameStop store parental duty.

On the way down there, I'm all, "So what's this game again? 'Mech Wars 2' or something?" and Chaco's all, "*sigh* callofdutymodernwarfare2!" and then I'm all "Wait... what's it called?" Geez, such a mom sometimes.

So we got there and it wasn't that bad. A short line was all, and no one dressed like the kid in the photo above. The true zealots were there at midnight, no doubt.

Luckily, Wolfgang had come along, because after we exited the mall, Chaco said "Okay, see ya!" and took off at a sprint towards home (we walked there). Now, our house is under a mile away from the mall, but it's all uphill. It was actually quite an impressive display of physicality. So, I say it was lucky that Wolfgang had accompanied us, because then I had someone to walk with.

I remember runner friend Ben recommending that I tie a video game to a string and run with it as a way to get the kids to run distances with me. I think that could actually work!


terri said...

I was completely unaware of this release, but I'm sure it's on Jake's radar.

Anita said...

I'm sure there's some manufacturer strategy for this particular release date. Maybe everyone buys them up now, which will create a desperation before Christmas. :)

Hope Chaco feels it is worth all that intense planning he had to do to get it. :)

brandy101 said...

My husband plays games but all the ones he buys are download-able. I only know he has bought a new game when I see a new charge onthe Mastercard statement from one of the various purveyors of shoot-em-up sci-fi crapola that seems to capture his attention.

Herb said...

When I was his age pinball machines made clunking and clanking noises and had real bells and whistles and we booed when they brought in a digitized one.

Herb said...
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agg79 said...

I recall the old Nintendo days and getting the latest MarioCart games, but not to the level of hoopla that the current games have. Just remember that today's hot $60 game is tomorrow's garage sale bargain.

I assume no GTA for Chaco.

bingo girl said...

Funny recommendation! I can just imagine your kid running after that video game. Sometimes I get to be a villain when it comes to my boys' past time. They love playing video games. Call of Duty, RF online, Cabal, etc. I sometimes argue with my hubby because we have different ways of disciplining the kids. Yeah, tough work when you can have a feeling-so-young hubby.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Haha, this reminds me of my old World of Warcraft days. When the new game was available for pre-order, the fellow behind the counter asked if I'd be picking it up at midnight with everyone else. I was mildly aghast at the prospect of queuing at midnight for a game, but apparently there are indeed takers...

Though my World of Warcraft days are definitely over - I've been clean for over two years now, and have decided that I actually like having hobbies...