Sunday, November 8, 2009

Silver Liningness, part XII

As I look outside my window, I think, yes, it looks like November. Mostly cloudy. There's snow on the peak. A few rebellious leaves futilly cling to the trees.

I like it. I like this time of year.

After last week's epic snowstorm, the meteorological pendulum swung to the other extreme, and we had sunny and 70's this week. Nice for a change, but it's November. Today is a November kind of day. I like to use words like "brisk" and "nippy" and get to wear stuff like sweaters and leggings. Wearing both now...

It was a busy week, and busy hopefully yielded productivity. Work schedule is full with two separate classes going on, but they both come to an abrupt end in a couple of weeks. My next class, as of now, isn't scheduled until January, so I'm perusing the schedule for other openings. But I'm thankful that I'm not desperate for work and may just get a month off.

And speaking of those aforementioned leaves? I think I finally got all the raking and bagging done for the season. I count 17 bagfulls of yard vomit in the compost queue! And that's not counting the stuff that's already gone into the bins. Let's just call it an even 20 for the season! I win!!

On that note, I got Chaco to clean the gutters. He's started getting into parkour, so any excuse to climb and jump and stuff is fair game. In fact, it was HIS idea to clean the gutters. WHAT?! I knew I loved the French!

So happy November everyone! Don the leggings, your knee-high "ho" boots! Find disgusting treasures in your gutters!


  1. Your current weather definitely sounds more like it! I knew that snowstorm you had was just way ahead of schedule.

    Enjoy your day... I have to go find my Ho boots...

  2. Hubby and child FINALLY went outside and used the leaf blower and a rake and more of less got the tree-droppings under control.

    Gutter cleaning is a good idea; if I had the vocal capacity, I would yell outside for him to get busy doing that...

  3. I yearn for the days that our trees are big enough to clog gutters...

  4. Are knee-high ho boots for diminutive ladies of the evening?

  5. It's Monday, 11/9. Our high of the day here in central Virgina - at least 70 degrees, maybe more. Still, I have my coat ready for the nippy weather. :)

  6. Yard vomit is an excellent word for it I think...

    I am very jealous of your weather - we got our first spring heatwave here this weekend. Over 35 degrees (Celsius) in places... Yuck...

  7. Yard vomit? Thanks for helping me expand my vocabulary. I'll park that one for later use.

    Our leaves stay on until just before Christmas, then they all decide to commit leaficide at the same time. Nothing like raking up mounds of leaves while singing Xmas carols.