Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silver Liningness part X

Good morning to all and Sundry on this Sunday!

Another wonderful week providing much to be thankful for has passed. Roll 'em!

The week started with a lovely hike last Sunday. Magnum found a trail we've never stepped on before, so we went and stepped on it.

Magnum and Wolfgang on Spruce Mountain.

Thirty Eight Point Seven. THIRTY EIGHT POINT SEVEN. 38.7. Thirty eight and seven tenths. <---that's the miles per gallon that new-to-us little Honda is getting. Told you I love her.

Remember how I said we've started to teach classes online at work? Remember how I said I've been training? Welp, I completed the training and started doing it this week. Here's the inspiring view - taken with my webcam - that the students see of me:

What do you think? Makes you want to go move mountains doesn't it!

Okay, so I actually just snapped that picture a couple of minutes ago. And I haven't done much today rather than slog out of bed, eat some breakfast type stuff and sip half a cup of coffee. Serious bed head going on.

And in real life, I use a backdrop to cover the lovely room behind me. It's so cool! Teaching right here from the Man Cave. And I get to kick all of the men folk out!

Meego's class did a music program this week. It was the typical elementary-kids-on-the-stage-for-about-a-half-hour kind of music program. It was cute though, I suppose, if you had a kid up there. Meego seems to be sloughing off some of his shyness and getting into things now that he's a big time fourth grader.

Yesterday, we drove up to Denver to visit the much hyped 8-acre corn maze. I recall a smaller corn maze we visited years ago and got thoroughly lost in. Looking forward to another survival adventure, we found the much hyped 8-acre corn maze to not be much *COUGH* of a challenge. Okay, so like the cornstalks were about 4 ft. tall or shorter! Oh well, it was still kind of fun, making fun of it and all...


terri said...

The online teaching thing DOES sound really cool! You could teach while wearing pajama pants, or no pants at all... and no one would have a clue. Though that would be kind of weird and all...

And the corn maze does sound rather festive, even though it wasn't very challenging. Way to get into the fall spirit!

brandy101 said...

I am really impressed about that MPG on the honda. Way to go lil car!!!!

Judy said...

Fourth graders really are different birds, aren't they?

Adam said...

I guess the corn maze fell "short" of your expectations? Gwah hahahahaha!

Terrible pun ahoy!

Anita said...

Gotta figure out a way to get my family into hiking...I'm envious.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I am living (walking?) vicarious through your hikes - they look so lovely. *sigh* It's been too long since I've been out of the city.

Also, your corn maze is intriguing. Such things are basically unheard of down here, which of course makes me insatiably curious.