Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silver Liningness, part V, Vol. 2

Welcome to the weekend! Or what's left of it anyway. Time to throw around some thankfulness!

I've been quite busy lately with a full work schedule. A few months ago, I added a policy here that I would include a photo of something good from the week to the silver liningness posts.

I realized as I sat down to post this that I had nothing.

Not wanting to be a policy breaker, I just decided to download whatever was currently on the family camera. So, for your viewing pleasure, today's Thankfulness Photo:

Here we have Chaco's friend Anton on a bike next to a huge Chaco ear.

OKAY, so now that that's out of the way...

Well, actually, I suppose I can find a thankfulness bent here. Anton is a good kid. I' m thankful that he's one of Chaco's friends. He's rather geeky and owns several bicycles that he's scrapped together buying parts off of craigslist and whatnot. What's not to like? I have no idea the story behind this photo.

Oh, and just a side note, that house there in the background? That's the one next door that's for rent. Come on! Move in!

As I mentioned, I've been busy work-wise. Believe me when I say that I am NOT a workaholic, I just seem to be pretending to be one lately. I do like being useful, but I'm thankful that some things are winding down and I'll have more breathing room in my schedule soon.

OH! And I just remembered... I do have a real photo! Last spring at school, all of the third graders (of which Meego was one) received a little cabbage plant in a cup from some seed company. The idea being to encourage kids to garden. They also brought home a little info sheet about growing the cabbage and such, and instructions to take a photo of the kid with said grown cabbage and turn it back into the teacher in September for entry into this big cabbage growing contest thing.

Somehow, I remembered about bringing a photo in. I took a photo of Meego with his now bigger cabbage and he took it to his science teacher. He was the ONLY one! The ONLY one!

So anyway, the teacher submitted his single entry to the national thing. We'll see if anything happens. If nothing else, he gets points for follow-through. And we get cabbage.


terri said...

You gotta love a kid who builds bikes from spare parts. I'd love for my kids to have friends like that. My kids have nice friends, but sometimes I worry that they all rely too heavily on being entertained by modern technology, rather than using their minds and hands to create something fun and useful.

Being busy with work is a good thing these days. Job stability isn't so common these days. But I do understand the need for some down-time. Everyone needs some breathing room.

Meego's cabbage looks very healthy. Any idea as to how you plan to cook it? Personally, I'd slice it in half, smear it with butter and garlic salt and grill it. YUM!

Judy said...

Cabbage is great! Good gardening, Normals!

LOVE the ear-shot - is that what is meant as being within ear-shot? Or just out of ear-shot?

brandy101 said...

That is so great that the cabbage grew...but so sad that everyone else blew it off :(

agg79 said...

Mmmm. Cabbage. Good that Meego showed the initiative to grow the cabbage. What's next for the green thumb? Squash? Perhaps a pumpkin or two?

Adam said...

Oh, Abby, I do love your silver linings entries :D

Putting bikes together like that sounds awesome. I'd love to try that with guitar parts some day.