Friday, September 18, 2009

the thing what happened

So we all know that Chaco is learning to drive, thus he's the designated driver around here. He circles like a vulture, waiting for some errand that needs to be run. If one is discovered, he gleefully assumes the position in the driver's seat while the designated parent and/or legal guardian rides outwardly patient at shotgun while inwardly having a massive cardiac event.

One thing he hasn't quite mastered is getting the vehicle back into the garage. Yes, we actually keep our vehicles in the garage. Furthermore, we back them in, Fire Engine style, so as to drive them out frontwardly, Fire Engine style.

This can be a tricky manuever for anyone, let alone, a novice driver. Chaco did make an attempt once, when there was no other car in the garage. He succeeded in cracking the full-length mirror that adorns the back wall of our garage. Yes, we have a full length (that's wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling) mirror on the back wall of our garage... but that's another story.

These fretful excursions typically end with Chaco backing into the driveway, followed by a Chinese firedrill of sorts as the parent and/or legal guardian takes over for the backing-into-the-garage-duties.

Flashback to an evening last week. I was out teaching a class. An errand was run. A changing of seating arrangements took place in the driveway. Car keys were locked in the car with the engine running. Mayhem ensued.

I had the only other key to the car. My cell phone was off. I can only imagine the scene.

Eventually, they managed to break into the car, but before that happened, they searched around for the possibility of a spare key. A spare key that maybe I had stashed someplace. They rifled through all of my STUFF!

To this day, I am still finding my... my... my... treasures... strewn about in the frenzied wake! My jogbra section of the dresser! My secret stash of batteries! (wouldn't you like to know) My little box of special jewelry! My girl stuff!

I feel so violated.

"We know all your secrets now", Magnum told me afterwards.

I'm thinking maybe they made that whole story up about the car....


terri said...

Did they really think you'd keep a spare key hidden among your jog bras? Or with the batteries? Those aren't typical spare key spots! Spare keys get stored in the kitchen. Don't they know that?

Or maybe you actually keep your bras and batteries in the kitchen. Who am I to judge?

Judy said...

Oh NO they DINNT! You tell those boys they are in violation of Code 45.276 of the Girl Guide and they have to be deprogrammed! Gifts are necessary now! STAT!

Judy said...

Oh NO they DINNT! You tell those boys they are in violation of Code 45.276 of the Girl Guide and they have to be deprogrammed! Gifts are necessary now! STAT!

agg79 said...

Yea. Sure. I can follow that logic. Spare keys + bra drawer - makes sense to me. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it). Think of it as a CSI investigation - they eliminated that location as possible as a suspect. Bet he doesn't do that again.

Duble said...

being the lone estrogene dominate inhabitant of your abode I doubt you had many girlie secerts anyway.

Do you also have a full length mirror in the bedroom?

Beej said...

I personally keep all spare keys hanging on a hangy thing in the hallway at the front door. I would have to KEEL people who went through my stuff!! (or at least make them WISH I had)