Thursday, September 24, 2009

sex kittens and dust bunnies


I stopped by here and said, "Gee this blogger hasn't posted anything since Sunday". And then realized, "Oh wait! This is me!"

Well, I have been quite busy, but that LSAT class I was teaching came to its smashing crescendo this week. Test Day is this Saturday (GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!), those students have all left the nest.

So I've been happily catching up on other aspects of life. I'm shopping for a car for one thing. We threw out the beater idea in favor of just getting a second commuter car. Since Magnum's office moved, he's driving and I'm left with the big butt van for when I need to drive. Thing's a gas hog and can be a pain to park sometimes. So I'm shopping. The van will remain our "RV".

Oh, and today? I pulled of a successful vacuum cleaner repair job. I identified the defective part, ordered a new one, removed the old, replaced with the new. I plugged it in and the vacuum cleaner totally sucks! In a good way!

I ask you: can that every-guy's-current-dreamgirl Meg@n Fox pull off a successful vacuum cleaner repair job? I betcha not!


Law School Podcaster said...

After you finish, let us know how you think the test went.

agg79 said...

A hot chick who can runs 12-13 miles at the drop of a hat and can diagnose a& fix stuff without calling in the repair guy (or buying a new one)? That rates pretty darn high on my dream girl list. Megan ain't got nothin on you.

Isn't it a rewarding feeling to figure out a problem and fix it yourself without outside help?

terri said...

I'm impressed with your vacuum cleaner repair skills! Your list of talents seems endless... smart, athletic, witty, and resourceful!

Duble said...

at least you could post a picture of Megan Fox, although, she is not everyones dream girl, the titled lured me here, i expect photos.

brandy101 said...

I am so old and out of it, I have no idea who Ms. Fox is.

Yeah, I got *Hoopty II* when my Taurus Hoopty died back in 2007. For as little as I drive I *could* have just used the Rockin Van but - same issues you have - pain to park sometimes and gas hog.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

I am in awe of your vacuum wrangling!